The Growth of Music and Science: Professor Ian Cross and his impact and legacy

Date 25/07/2022 at 11.00 - 26/07/2022 at 13.00

The Music Society will be celebrating the work of Professor Ian Cross on the the 25th and 26th July. This two day event will explore the growth of music and science in a series of invited talks by Ian Cross, his PhD students, Wolfson alumni and close collaborators.



Ian Cross is now Emeritus Professor of Music & Science, having retired in 2021 as Director of the Centre for Music and Science where he led a lively group of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in exploring music, its materials and its effects from a wide range of scientific perspectives

His early research helped set the agenda for the study of music cognition;  he has since published widely in the field of music and science, from the psychoacoustics of violins to the evolutionary roots of musicality.

His recent research has followed two main tracks in focusing on exploring relationships between speech and music as interactive media, and on the effects of engagement in group musical activities on capacity for empathy. He is an Emeritus Fellow of Wolfson College, and is also a guitarist.



Monday 25th July

11.00 - 11.30 Welcome by Peter Harrison, Director of the Centre for Music and Science, and Lynette Alcántara Director of Music, Wolfson College, Cambridge.

11.30 - 12.30 Talks in celebration of Prof Cross

  • Andrew Goldman (Wolfson alumnus)
  • Erica Cao
  • Isabelle Martinez (Wolfson Former Visiting Scholar)
  • Elizabeth Tolbert (Wolfson Former Visiting Fellow)

13.30 - 14.30 Short research talks 1

  • Richard Widdess
  • Juan-Pablo Robledo del Canto (Wolfson alumnus)
  • Tal-Chen Rabinowitch
  • Michelle Phillips (Wolfson alumna) and Josie Kearney

15.00 - 17.00 Short research talks 2

  • Justin London (Wolfson Former Visiting Fellow) How Bad Music Nails Down Floating Intentionality
  • Brian Moore (Wolfson Emeritus Fellow)
  • Alex Lamont
  • Jessica Grahn

Tuesday 26th July

10.30 - 12.00 Prof Ian Cross WEIRD or just PECULIAR? the metonymisation of music

12.00 - 13.00 Short research talks 3

  • Fernando Bravo
  • Juan Pablo Robledo del Canto
  • Fabia Franco
  • Arild Stenberg 


This event is hybrid:

In-person registration for this event has now closed. 

Online registration for this event is open (external link, via Imperial College).


This event is part of Wolfson Explores: Growth.

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