Music Resources

Keyboard instruments are available for students to play, including pianos, a chamber organ and a harpsichord.


Resources for Musicians



To use any of the College pianos or keyboards please download and fill in a piano permission form and leave in the Director of Music's pigeonhole (Lyn Alcántara) at the Porters' Lodge.

To book any of the instruments, or the rooms mentioned, for practice purposes please email the Conference & Events team. Keys for the pianos should be signed out from the Porters' Lodge.

There is a Yamaha grand piano in the Music Room in Fuchs House, along with a Chappell Baby Grand piano in the Combination Room, which are available to pianists with Grade 7 or above. The OCR has a baby grand, and there is a good upright piano for practice purposes in the Seminar Room. The digital piano in the Club Room is for all to enjoy.

The Steinway grand piano in the Lee Hall, donated by Dr Roger Briscoe and Professor Linda Wicker, may only be used by advanced players (Diploma level or Music graduate). As well as completing the application form please email the Director of Music enclosing a copy of the relevant qualifications to gain access.

Chamber Organ

Silas Wollston has kindly given us a long-term loan of his beautiful chamber organ, which is kept in the foyer of the Lee Hall. It is a copy of a 17th-century English chamber organ, perfect for Purcell and earlier repertoire (Coprario, Lawes) but also useful for continuo. It is a single manual instrument which can play at four pitches 390-415-440-460hz, and has four stops (8', 8', 4', 2'). It can be moved into the hall to accompany college services and concerts.


The Wolfson College Music Society harpsichord is a fine double-manual instrument in the Flemish style made by renowned Boston maker William Post Ross. The instrument was generously bought for and donated to the College by Professor Brian Moore, a long-standing supporter of the Music Society.

The instrument, no. 24 in Ross's catalogue, was built in 1968. It is a concert instrument with unusually powerful voices and rich sonorities. The two 8' stops are of pronounced individuality, and together with the shiny 4' stop, they mix well to give a full, harmonious tutti. The fine lute action carries remarkably well in the concert hall.

The keyboards each have 63 keys, from FF to g''', with ebony naturals and highly polished white bone sharps. The case measures 232 cm long, 94 cm wide, and 28 cm deep. The outside is painted dark green while the inside is dark red, both surfaces in a smoothly rubbed finish. The inside of the lid is decorated with gold bands. The inner sides and borders of the case are paper finished, matt varnished over for protection.

The antique spruce soundboard is hand painted in tempera with delicate flowers, leaves, butterflies, insects, etc, that follow the Flemish tradition. A Shakespeare sonnet is beautifully copied along the spine.

The instrument is stored on the stage in the Lee Hall (on stage heating must be kept off at all times). Because of its fragility it is available to play only by the most experienced players. Advanced keyboard players who would like to play the instrument must obtain permission from the Director of Music, Lyn Alcántara, by completing the application form.

The Music Society wishes to record its sincere thanks to Professor Moore for making this instrument available. It can be heard at termly Early Music Recitals.

Other musical resources

Music stands

There are music stands in the Lee Hall, Fuchs House Music Room and OCR. Please do not remove these without permission from the Director of Music.

Sheet music

The Society has an extensive choral library. Please email the Director of Music for details.

There is also a selection of sheet music available, mostly for piano or violin, including chamber music, in the Fuchs House Music Room. A number of opera scores are also available. Feel free to browse but please complete the borrowing book if you take a score out of the room. There is a large selection of music reference books in the Lee Library.

Music Society notice board

Please check the notice board in the corridor on the ground floor of Bredon House for information about musical activities in College and advertisements for local concerts.

Useful web links

Here is a small selection of links to sites likely to be of interest to members of the Music Society and Choir: