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About Wolfson

A place for education, learning and research since 1965

Wolfson combines the traditions of a Cambridge University College with a dynamic and outward-facing view. Within our stimulating learning and teaching environment our students and academics aim high and accomplish much.

Founded in 1965 as University College specifically for postgraduate students, our College was located in a home on the west side of Cambridge with just a dozen rooms and a long, narrow garden that ran from Selwyn Gardens to Barton Road. Since that time we have welcomed mature undergraduate students and are now the academic and physical home to more than 800 students, with over 400 accommodation rooms, a conference centre, performance venue, library and lovingly tended gardens spread over a ten-acre site.

Like our students, our Fellowship spans many disciplines. Our President is a chemist, as was our Vice-President, our Senior Tutor is a Russian expert, our Bursar is a classicist (and tuba player) and one of our Porters has a PhD in medieval history earned at this very College. We have 13 Tutors devoted to the pastoral care of our students, including two Tutors for our sizeable part-time student population, and Directors of Studies to guide students through their specific discipline.

Our Fellowship includes professors, researchers, authors, medics, scientists and more, from across the humanities and sciences. We provide one-on-one mentorship for nearly 200 PhD students. Our Junior Research Fellows share their cutting-edge work with us at seminars, lectures and our popular annual Wolfson Research Event.

We are inclusive and diverse, and our student body is drawn from nearly 90 different countries. And because we are a mature and postgraduate College, our students come from interesting and often non-traditional backgrounds, with varied experiences in both academia and the professions. Our student association (WCSA) is actively engaged with College life and governance, sitting on committees, organising events and even helping to refurbish our interiors.

Through our Tutorial Office, we provide support to our students who have earned a place at Cambridge with the means to take it up, giving nearly £800k in bursaries and other financial assistance in 2017-2018.

We have dozens of academic visitors staying with us at any given time, as well as a large membership that includes alumni, academics and those from the worlds of commerce, law, scientific research, medicine and the humanities. Our Fine Arts Committee arranges contemporary art exhibitions year-round, and our music society holds concerts during term times, many featuring student musicians from the Wolfson College Music Society.

Take a look around this website to find out more about us, follow us on social media, or better yet – come and visit, enjoy a lecture or a concert, dine with us and learn about studying here as a Cambridge University postgraduate or undergraduate.

What's on

Skills for Academic Success: Style & Language in Writing

15/11/2018 at 18.00
A macbook, cup of coffee, glasses on a table

The workshop will focus on extending your practical writing skills by covering aspects of style, grammar, language use and presentation which you may feel uncertain about. By focusing on writing and study skills, the quality of your writing will improve and you will achieve fuller clarity, control, command and subtlety. The aim is pursuit of excellence. The session will have an open, non-restrictive and encouraging atmosphere. It is designed for all Wolfson students and is likely to be special value to students whose first language is not English.

Science Society Seminar: Future developments in healthcare – does cancer lead the way?

16/11/2018 at 17.45
Professor Sir Borysiewicz

Over 50 years of cancer research, a huge body of information has been accumulated in terms of basic mechanisms underlying malignancy, disease stratification linked to individual outcomes and an expanding set of therapeutic opportunities have developed. This has to be coupled with the advent of genomics and molecular definitions which could lead to intelligent drug design and better application.

Skills for Academic Success: Speed Reading

17/11/2018 at 10.30
Person sitting cross legged with a book

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of reading you have to do? Take this practical workshop to learn how to deal with huge amounts of information quickly and effectively. The hands-on session will explore the idea of speed reading - a technique that’s not just about reading fast, but also includes methods to reduce the number of resources that you need to read in detail.  Please note that it is taking place on a Saturday morning.

Lunchtime Concert Series: Student Soloists

17/11/2018 at 13.30
Student concert

Student Soloists from the Wolfson College Music Society

Andrei Smid voice

Alexander Busch voice

Tom Unwin voice

Andrea Kocsis voice


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