Wolfson Research Event

2017 Wolfson Research Event: Friday 24 February in the Lee Hall

The Wolfson Research Event (WRE) is an intellectual box of chocolates. Sample the spectacular variety of research at Wolfson and our sister college, St Antony's, Oxford. Learn what's happening through talks, posters, and demonstrations; ask questions, exchange ideas, meet new people, and above all, have fun. All are welcome to attend; admission is free.

For presenters, it offers a chance to share your work and practice presenting to a general audience, with useful feedback. We welcome presentations from undergraduates, graduates, junior scholars, and senior scholars.

To register, please click here. If you would like to attend formal hall after the event, please indicate your interest by 17 February.

Poster for Event Poster for Opening Keynote

Schedule of the day. A complete list of abstracts is available here (pdf)

1.00pm Registration opens
1.30 President’s Opening Remarks
Sir Richard J Evans, President of Wolfson College
1.35 Opening Keynote:
How Can You Be Simple Without Being Simplistic? – Writing for the General Public, Dr Ha-Joon Chang
  Oral Presentations
2.00 Russia-EU Relations (2008-2016): Realism, Complex or Fragile Interdependence? (Huawei Zheng)
2.10 The Representation of Female Perpetrators of the Holocaust in the British Press, 1945-Present (Kate Docking)
2.20 Constructing New Qur’anic Language and Wisdom on the Metaphysics and Teleology of Homosexual Disposition (Azfar Anwar)
2.30 Remembering the Second Chechen War: The Evolution of Collective Memory in Chechen Refugee Populations of Georgia (Kyle Walter)
2.40 Austerity and Protest: The Cases of Portugal and Spain During the Great Recession (Tiago Carvalho)
2.50 Analyzing the Effects of Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining on Agriculture for Policy Action: Evidence from Prestea Mining Region, Ghana (Francis Arthur)
3.00 Tea Break / Poster Presentation Session:
  • Superconducting Exchange Coupling Between Ferromagnets (Yi Zhu)
  • Understanding and Designing for the Effects of Manufacturing Variations in High Pressure Turbine Blades (Wen Yao Lee)
  • Literature, Ethics and Politics in (Post-)Dictatorship Chile: Representations of Mariana Callejas (Adrian Laschinger)
  • Regionalism and Globalisation: A GCC perspective (Amna Sadiq)
  • Potential Dangers of ZnO Nanoparticles in Suncreen Formulation (Henry Agbe)
  • Vibro-Acoustic Modelling of a Car for Active Noise Control Purposes (Luis Andrade)
  • East Asian Multilaterism: An Exploration of the US-China Influence (Mason Ji)
  • Parkinson’s Disease and Potential Therapeutics (Mudrika Tripathi)
  • How Should Women's History be Integrated Within the Schools History Curriculum? (Susanna Boyd)
  • Terahertz Spectroscopy Analysis of Solid State Formulations (Talia Shmool)
  • Muslim Personal Law and Bengali Muslim Women in India (Utsa Sarmin)
  • European Confederation and Monarchical Reform in the Work of the Abbé de Saint-Pierre, 1713-1740 (Jin-Woo Choi)
4.00 Poster Flash Presentations
Oral Presentations
4.20 Anglophone Southeast Asian Literature and Transnational Aesthetics (Kelly Yin Nga Tse)
4.30 Prevention of Playing Related Injuries in a Specialist Music School: Using Action Research to Change Policy and Practice (Sarah Upjohn)
4.40 Modeling Autistic Neurons by Cellular Reprogramming. “A Dishful of an Autistic brain” (Aicha Massrali)
4.50 Dairy Products Intake, Diabetes and Obesity – Is There a Link? (Eirini Trichia)
5.00 Genotype-Phenotype Relations in Human Genomics (Lara Urban)
5.10 The Role of Oncostatin M Receptor Overexpression in the Tumour Microenvironment of Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Valtteri Tulkki)
5.30 Closing Keynote:
It's Not a Sprint – Milestones Along My Career as a Scientist
Professor Jane Clarke FRS
5.55 Prize Presentation
6.00 Closing Remarks
Matthias Wong, Chair of WRE 2017
6.05 Reception
7.15 Formal Hall (for guests, presenters and registered attendees)

For Wolfson students preparing presentations or posters for the event, there will be two optional rehearsal sessions: 15 February at 6.00 pm and 18 February at 6.00 pm. Both will be held in Plommer A.

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