Academic Visitors in Lent Term 2017

Wolfson welcomes the following Visiting Fellows and Visiting College Research Associates* this term: 
(Fellowship/Programme in brackets)

New Visitors

Dr Christopher Ball (CRASSH)
Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Notre Dame
Language and Riverscape in Indigenous Brazil: Mapping Cosmology and Politics of Place

Dr Todd Bridgman*
Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, Victoria University of Wellington
Management Studies

Dr León Castellanos-Jankiewicz*
Postdoctoral Researcher, Swiss National Science Foundation
Public International Law  

Mr Hugo Leal* (CRASSH)
Research Associate, CRASSH
'Conspiracy and Democracy: History, Political Theory and Internet' project  

Dr ‘Gary’ Chi-Hung Luk*
Economic History Society Fellow, Institution of Historical Research, University of London
History and Chinese Studies

Dr Shenghui Ma*
Lecturer & Senior Researcher, Dept of Business Adminstration, University of Zurich
Strategic Management

Dr Giuseppe Nicosia
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Synthetic Biology, University of Catania
Computational Systems Biology

Dr Shinji Nohara*
Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo
History of Political and Economic Thought, especially the Enlightenment and Adam Smith

Ms Marcia Zubrow
Head of Information Services, Charles B Sears Law Library, SUNY Buffalo
English Legal History

Returning Visitors

Dr Bernard Collette
Associate professor of Ancient Philosophy, Faculté de philosophie, Université Laval, Quebec
Ancient Philosophy

Professor Ann Colley
Distinguished Professor, Department of English, SUNY College, Buffalo
Nineteenth-century British Literature: Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Topography of Landscape

Professor Irving Massey
Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Adjunct Professor Emeritus of French, SUNY College, Buffalo
Literature, philosophy, neuroaesthetics.

Professor Gabriel Rosenbaum
Professor, Arabic Language & Literature, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Dept of Arabic Language & Literature
Modern Egyptian language; Literature and Drama

Professor James Tattersall
Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Providence College, Rhode Island
History of Mathematics

Continuing Visitors

Professor Dr Mateo Aboy
Professor, Electrical Engineering & Renewable Energy Department, Oregon Institute of Technology
Subject Matter Eligibility of Information Age Inventions

Dr Carlo ‘Edoardo’ Altamura*
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Geneva, Paul Bairoch Institute of Economic History
Economic History

Dr George Bob-Milliar (African Studies)
Senior Lecturer, Dept of History & Political Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology
Ghanaian Political History and Development

Dr Fernando Bravo*
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Technische Universität Dresden, Institut für Kunst-und Musikwissenschaft
Music and Neuroscience

Dr John Bugbee*
Visiting Scholar, Department of English Language & Literature, University of Virginia
Stoics, Christians, and Dante’s Theology of Agency

Dr Daniele Del Rio (NNEdPro)
Associate Professor, University of Parma, Dept of Food Science Human Nutrition and Scientific Director, NNEdPro
Human Nutrition and Education

Dr Michael Dixon*
Assistant Professor of Operations Management, Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada
Business and Economic Models

Dr Er-Gene Kahng (Arkansas)
Associate Professor of Violin, Department of Music, University of Arkansas
Historical Performance Practice, Focusing on G F Handel’s Violin Sonatas

Professor Samuel Nan Chiang Lieu
Distinguished Professor of Ancient History, Macquarie University and Trustee, Ancient India and Iran Trust, Cambridge
Ancient History

Professor Humberto Martins
Associate Professor, Federal University of Uberlândia
Land Economy: Evolution of Brazilian Regional Inequalities

Dr Hassan Mwakimako (African Studies)
Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies, Pwani University, Kenya
Islam and Politics in Kenya

Dr Júlia Paraizs*
Stipendiary Associate Research Fellow, Institute for Literary Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
English Literature (Reception History of Shakespeare in the 19th Century)

Dr Xiaoguang ‘Vincent’ Qi
Honorary Professor, University of Liverpool, Deputy Director of OSCE Institute, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University China Advisor, BPP and Co-founder and Partner, VB Group
Entrepreneurship in Indigenous Communities

Dr Vitor Ramon-Fernandes*
Assistant Professor of International Relations, Lusíada University, Lisbon
International Relations

Miss Cleo Roberts*
Research Assistant, UKIERI ‘Envisioning the Indian City Project’, University of Liverpool
Colonial Calcutta in East Bengal

Dr Aida Todri-Sanial*
Research Scientist, Centre National de Recherche Scientific, France
Carbon Nanotube Device Physics Modeling and Simulation