Wolfson College Awards

Alborada Scholarships: up to 15 Alborada Scholarships of between £10,000 and £20,000 per year. Open to current and prospective Veterinary and Medical Science students, undergraduate or postgraduate.

Donald and Beryl O’May Studentship: £14,000 to cover University and College fees and maintenance. Open to undergraduates and postgraduates in the Arts and Social Sciences (including Law). Preference for those who have had a significant break in their studies since leaving school. Candidates must be UK or Republic of Ireland citizens.

Wolfson Scholarship: up to £7,500 available per year. Open to all Wolfson students.

John Morrison Studentship: £7,500 open to undergraduates with preference for Arts and Humanities.

Medical Research Studentship: £8,000 per year. Open to PhDs in Medical Science.

Roger Needham Award: £7,500 per year. Awarded on academic merit. Open to postgraduates in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Philosophy.

Alborada Bursaries: Bursaries of up to £3,000. Open to students of Veterinary Medicine and Medicine. Awarded on the basis of academic merit.

Burke’s Peerage Foundation Grants: Two grants of £1,000 each year to current students whose research falls within the area of genetics and heredity. Applications open in the Michaelmas Term and should include a brief research summary and an indication of how the award will be beneficial.

Professor Sir David Williams Law Fund: £3,500 per year to support one studentship.

Dr John Grantham Bursary: one award of £4,000 each year to fund student support in any form.

Fairleigh S. Dickinson, Jr. Scholarship: one award of £2,500 to fund student support in any form.

Guan Ruijun Memorial Bursary: £1,000 to support one Chinese student on a one-year postgraduate course. Preference for Peking University graduates.

His Excellency Dr Mahfouz bin Mahfouz Scholarship Fund: up to £10,000 available each year. Open to Home PhD students.

Jack King Bursary: £2,500 per year. Open to Home PhD students in the Arts and Humanities who have previously studied for at least three years at a British university.

Joseph Petty Bursary Fund: £600 available per year. Open to postgraduate students in Criminology or subjects related to Metallurgy.

Peter and Angela Lucas Bursary: one award of £400. Open to postgraduates in Medieval English Studies.

President’s Scholarship: one award of £5,000 for academic merit. Open to postgraduate students, with preference for Arts and Humanities.

Senior Members’ 50th Anniversary Fund: £1,800 available, open to students in any discipline who have undertaken their MPhil at Wolfson and are progressing to a PhD.