Wolfson Explores ✱BORDERS

The College's theme for 2021 is Wolfson Explores ✱BORDERS. All events in the programme will be archived here.


A Global Maghreb: Crossroads, Borderlands, and Frontiers
Professor Paul A. Silverstein (Reed College)

Watch the recording from 25 May 2021



Beyond Borders: Women's Movements Around the World

Watch the recording from 14 May 2021



Diseases without Borders: what can we do to combat the next pandemic
Professor James Wood (Head of Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge, Fellow of Wolfson College)

Watch the recording from 7 May 2021


The Rules of Racial Standing: Race and Racism in the Era of the Public Lynching of George Floyd
2021 Lee Seng Tee Distinguished Lecture - Dr Nicola Rollock in conversation with Professor Paul Ramchandani

Watch the recording from 5 May 2021



From Mississippi to Cambridge: Marie Battle Singer, Britain's First Black Psychoanalyst
Professors Jane Rhodes & Lynn Hudson (University of Illinois, Chicago)

Watch the recording from 10 March 2021



Sex Work and Borders: International Sex Workers' Rights Day

Watch the recording from 4 March 2021 — English transcript & traducción al español

English transcript available here — Traducción al español disponible aquí