Wolfson City Party and Student Bursary Appeal


2017 Wolfson Alumni in the City Student Bursary Appeal from Wolfson College, Cambridge on Vimeo.

On Thursday 18 May we held Wolfson’s first City Party -- a drinks reception and professional networking event at the London office of White & Case LLP. As well as an opportunity to network with fellow Wolfson alumni, the event included a short presentation by Dr Ramana Ramaswamy (1986) about recent developments in the financial markets, particularly in relation to Brexit and the election of Donald Trump

In conjunction with this event, we launched our new appeal for a Wolfson Alumni in the City Student Bursary. We hoped that members who feel that their time at Wolfson helped them to forge their careers would be inspired to make a gift to enable one or more Wolfson students in need of financial support to benefit from the same opportunities. We were delighted when one of our members, Professor Peter Landrock (1995), very generously offered to match donations to the Appeal up to the value of £10,000

The Appeal raised almost £12,000, and a further £20,000 in future pledges, which has enabled us to provide three hardship bursaries this academic year. The recipients, Abigail, Matt and Jenny, express their appreciation in this video.

We will be running the Alumni in the City Student Bursary again in 2018 and hope to support even more students then.

If you have any questions about the Wolfson City Party or Student Bursary Appeal, please contact Emma Adlard or phone +44 (0)1223 335912.

Read what our alumni ambassadors have to say about the appeal.

Jonathan Louth

Jonathan Louth

Even though the Master of Studies courses take place outside Full Term, College is always a welcoming and friendly place. More than that, Wolfson provides an unstuffy, interdisciplinary environment in which to research and discover more about one's subject (mine was Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment, which is enough words for a thesis on its own) and everyone else's interests too (try stopping them mid-flow at Formal Hall and you'll soon know).

For me, College – being there, coming from there, name-dropping from there – opens doors and enlarges mindsets. And College always welcomes you back!

Thanks for joining in this new initiative – please give and please come back, and please take part in what you have helped to build over the years to come.
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Evelyn Tichy

Evelyn Tichy

The four years I spent pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry at Wolfson were some of the happiest and some of the most demanding of my life. Without all of the wonderful people I met at Wolfson I doubt I would have survived the 'PhD experience' with my sanity intact.

Beyond the many enduring friendships that began over a Saturday college brunch, a pint at the bar or a shared fear of falling into the Cam while rowing, Wolfson was the kind of unpretentious, welcoming place where you could just pop into the Club Room after a long day at the lab and find plenty of friendly faces.

The breadth and the depth of my fellow students' interests continues to astound me and I feel so fortunate to have had the privilege of spending four years with such an amazing bunch of people. As an 'old girl' I very much enjoy coming back to College to visit. I hope this appeal will help provide the same opportunities to many generations of students to come.
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David Fisher

David Fisher

I still recall the excitement I felt the moment I realised that I had secured a place to read law at Wolfson. It was, perhaps, a naïve excitement based on a somewhat idealised fantasy of intellectual discussions lasting late into the night, but the reality of life at Wolfson proved to be more exciting, challenging and rewarding than I could ever have imagined. Looking back, I can say with total confidence that my three years at Wolfson changed me and my life. I certainly learned a bit of law, enough to see me through, but I learned so much more about people, life and, most importantly, myself, stuff that cannot be found in textbooks or, now, on the web. I am, of course, grateful to Wolfson, but an institution is no more than the sum of its human agents and I acknowledge a greater debt to those human and humane agents, from the then President, David Williams, to Tony the maintenance man and many others between, who guided, encouraged and helped me. Wolfson proved to be a place of great opportunity for me and many of my contemporaries. I want that same opportunity to be available to as many as possible. That is why I am supporting this appeal.

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Charles Reese

Charles Reese
I decided to take a mid-career break and was fortunate to be admitted to Wolfson to read for the History Tripos, matriculating in 2008. Having done science subjects at school I became increasingly fascinated by history in adulthood. I had missed the opportunity of a university education when I was younger and very much wanted an undergraduate experience. Wolfson was the perfect place: the Cambridge History Tripos is the best course available and Wolfson with its eclectic and cosmopolitan mix of people suited me so well. I put in plenty of hours in the library but also found time to go to weekly debates at the Union, engage in wine tastings at the Wine Society, and prop up the Wolfson bar pretty frequently. I also hosted Monday evening College 'pub' quizzes and have had the honour of being invited back a number of times since for the Wolfson Freshers' Week quiz. 

From the moment I set foot in Wolfson I found it a welcoming and friendly environment. It is very much a student-centred college and, although I was twice the age of most students, I felt right at home. Despite this, as one of the newer and less-endowed colleges, Wolfson needs to work hard to attract the best students from around the world, and offering a College bursary to a candidate who needs it is a great way of fostering the spirit of excellence. I commend this appeal to you.

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