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This archive features recent webinars from the Humanities Society's 2020 Easter and Michaelmas Term programmes.

Old Combination Room

“A Mild Despotism, Tempered by Sugar”: the Rise of the Overseer State in Britain’s Post-Slavery Empire
Dr Sascha Auerbach (Lecturer in Modern British and Colonial History, Department of History, University of Nottingham)

Watch the recording from 23 February 2021



Dreams of Paradise
Professor Jane McLarty (Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge & Fellow of Wolfson College)

Watch the recording from 16 February 2021



A Very British History British-Bangladeshis
Dr Aminul Hoque MBE (Goldsmiths, University of London)

Watch the recording from 9 February 2021



Toward a Black Ecomusicology, 1853? Listening to Enslavement with Solomon Northup
Dr Peter McMurray (University of Cambridge & Queens' College)

Watch the recording from 2 February 2021



Commemorating War Dead in Ancient Athens from Homer to Thucydides
Dr Cezary Kucewicz (Faculty of History, University of Gdańsk & Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College)

Watch the recording from 26 January 2021



Atoms for Peace (and War): the Italian Nuclear Programme During the Cold War
Professor Elisabetta Bini (Professor of Contemporary History, University of Naples Federico II)

Watch the recording from 24 November 2020



Antisemitism in the anonymous Renaissance dialogue Viaje de Turquía
Dr Şizen Yiacoup (University of Liverpool)

Watch the recording from 10 November 2020



The Second World War and the Prospects of Quite India in Bengal
Dr Anwesha Roy (SOAS, University of London)

Watch the recording from 3 November 2020



The War Babies of Black GIs and White British Women
Professor Lucy Bland (Professor of Social and Cultural History, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge)

Watch the recording from 20 October 2020



Rethinking the Emergence of the English
Professor Susan Oosthuizen (Emeritus Professor of Medieval Archaeology, University of Cambridge; Emeritus Fellow, Wolfson College)

Watch the recording from 2 June 2020



'The Invisible Enemy':
Fighting Plague in Renaissance Italy
Professor John Henderson (Department of History, Classics and Archaeology at Birkbeck University of London and Emeritus Fellow, Wolfson College)

Watch the recording from 26 May 2020



Whose Bled? Music, Sound and Public Spaces
in (Post-)Colonial Algeria

Dr Stephen Wilford (Research Associate at the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge and Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College)

Watch the recording from 12 May 2020


What's on

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Virtual Shut Up and Write Sessions Lent 2021

03/03/2021 at 13.00

Up your writing game wherever you are! Virtual Shut Up and Write sessions are quiet times to write in a distraction-free environment. Protect your writing time and maintain an online community with other Wolfson students. Think of it as your writing oasis!

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WolfWorks Plus: Reflective practice for the researcher

03/03/2021 at 19.00

An rare opportunity to review your research process and to make informed plans for your next steps.

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WolfWorks for Undergraduates: Preparing for exams Arts & Humanities

04/03/2021 at 19.00

In this session we'll take a very practical approach and you'll need to bring with you a couple of past papers and some spare paper.

Sex work and Borders

Sex Work and Borders: International Sex Workers' Rights Day

04/03/2021 at 19.00

To celebrate International Sex Workers' Rights Day (3 March), the Gender Hub is hosting a collaborative event featuring sex workers and activists from collectives in England, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, and Sweden.