WOLFSON EXPLORES |Transformation| Presentations

Please enjoy these presentations given at Wolfson College during the year of WOLFSON EXPLORES |Transformation|.


Bill Janeway: The (Political and Financial) Economics of Transformational Technology (Slides for this talk can be viewed here.)

Bill Janeway Transformation from Wolfson College, Cambridge on Vimeo.


The Annual Lee Seng Tee Lecture: Ann Pettifor The great economic transformation needed to address climate breakdown: Let ideas be international, goods homespun, but, above all, let finance be national.

Ann Pettifor Lee Lecture 2019 from Wolfson College, Cambridge on Vimeo.

Professor LLoyd Peck There be monsters

Panel Discussion The Lessons of Brexit Professor Rebecca Kilner Transformation of life: How behaviour shapes evolution Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz Transforming cancer care Professor Peter Jones Transformation of mind