Roger Needham Room

Planning an event

Follow these quick steps to plan an approved event at College.

Roger Needham Room

All academic societies' events currently take place virtually, as zoom webinars or meetings. If you plan a talk or discussion similar to these formats, we encourage you to plan it as a virtual event (see option 1).

If you need to book a room in College (for study groups, supervisions, music practice, small social gatherings, etc.) please refer to option 2.

Option 1: Planning a virtual event


  1. Check the College events feed to make sure there is no other event taking place at the time of your planned event.
  2. Have the details of your event on hand (speaker, speaker affiliation, title, abstract, and preferably a photo).
  3. Complete the webinar request form.
  4. You will hear from the events coordinator.
    Should you have any questions about organising a virtual event, please get in touch.
Option 2: Planning an in-person event OR booking a room in College


  1. Estimate or calculate the number of people you expect at your event.
  2. Think of (an) appropriate room(s) or other venue(s) in College.
  3. Check the College venue schedule to make sure the room(s) or venue(s) are available at the time of your planned event.
  4. Email with the details.
  5. You will hear from the conferences coordinator and/or domestic bursar.
    Should you have any questions about organising an in-person event, please get in touch.