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Education explores the intellectual, social and psychological development of the child and young person from birth through to adulthood, and the role of literacy, language and creativity in learning.

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The Education Tripos at Cambridge is a rigorous and rewarding inter-disciplinary degree. You follow one of three tracks, combining in-depth study of a particular field of interest with an examination of wider educational and social issues.

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It examines the historical contexts shaping educational ideas and movements and the underlying philosophical principles and political beliefs promoting notions of meritocracy, equality, social inclusion, poverty alleviation and human rights. At Cambridge, you will engage with these important contemporary themes and ongoing debates, developing and applying a form of critical literacy suited to addressing the varieties of evidence generated and used by educational researchers, policy-makers and professionals.

The three Education tracks are:

  • The Education, Psychology and Learning track focuses on education from a psychological perspective; exploring human development and education in a variety of social and cultural environments.
  • In Education, Policy and International Development you consider historical and contemporary discussions concerning these areas, and education’s role in economic and social change.
  • Education, English, Drama and the Arts combines the study of drama and/or English literature with key issues in education, such as debates around creativity, learning and culture.


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No specific subjects at A level are required.

Applicants for the course will not be expected to have a detailed knowledge of the disciplines of education (as these may not have been studied at all before) but will be expected to have some general knowledge of, and intelligent interest in, some of the current issues in education (such as may be discussed in newspapers or in Educational Supplements).

See also the university entrance requirements for general requirements for entry, qualifications and offers.


If you are invited to interview, you will also be asked to submit two pieces of written work. At interview, engagement with and enthusiasm for the subject will be explored by the course Director of Studies and Admissions Tutor. All those applying to the University of Cambridge for Education who are called for interviews will be asked to sit a written assessment while in Cambridge, normally on the same day as their interviews. The same assessment will be used regardless of the College to which you have applied. This assessment will examine your academic abilities, knowledge-base and potential, and will form part of our holistic admissions process. You can find specifications of the assessment here.

The Director of Studies is Wolfson Fellow Dr Steven Watson.

Find out more about the Education course on the department website and the University Undergraduate Prospectus.