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For Offer Holders (UG)

Congratulations! You're coming to Wolfson College. What next?

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Information for Offer Holders

Congratulations on obtaining an offer to study at Wolfson College! We look forward to seeing you.

It is very important that you update us with any change of postal or email addresses as well as contact telephone numbers.

We have a Facebook group for all offer holders, a link can be found in emails sent to you about the Virtual Offer Holders' sessions.

What do I need to do before I arrive?
  • Once you have received your offer and made a decision you need to confirm with UCAS by their given deadline and also by emailing the Undergraduate Administrator to advise her of your intentions.
  • If you have any academic conditions, please send your results to the Undergraduate Administrator as soon as you receive them.
  • You will receive a Financial Undertaking Form. The deadline for returning this form is 1 May, although you should aim to submit it as soon as you are able.
  • You should post a copy of any academic transcripts not previously submitted with your application to the Undergraduate Administrator.
  • If you may be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary, you will need to apply to Student Finance England. Information on eligibility criteria and how to apply can be found on the Cambridge Bursary website.
  • The University does advise that you check that your vaccinations are up to date before you arrive.
  • Please see our FAQs on Fees & Finance, which includes information on how to pay your fees upon arrival.
  • Take a look at the section for Current Students, which provides detailed information on Wolfson College, be it academic, social or simply practical information.
  • If you have any further questions which are not answered here, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator.
How do I find out about accommodation?

You are guaranteed accommodation for three years. No undergraduate accommodation is allocated before the end of August, even if you have an unconditional offer and your Financial Guarantee is in place. The Accommodation Manager will contact you with instructions towards the end of August and you do not need to contact us. Please make sure you check your junk folder around this time in case the email has gone there.

  • More information about room types can be found on the Accommodation section of our website. 

  • If you have specific needs related, for example, to a disability please inform the Accommodation Manager

  • If you do not intend to live at College, please note that undergraduates must live within three miles of the centre of Cambridge. Special allowances can be made in some cases for living up to ten miles from the centre of Cambridge. If you would like to be considered for this, you should contact the Undergraduate Administrator.
Summer Offer Holders' Events

To help you get to know Wolfson, meet other offer holders and have your questions answered we plan to run a series of virtual events in June 2022. Dates are given below but are subject to change. You will be emailed more information and links to these.

If possible we will also plan a day where you can come and visit, tour the College, meet key staff and current students.

Introduction to Wolfson, Tuesday 7th June 2022

Find out how the Cambridge collegiate system works, meet key staff and learn about the pastoral support on offer to you at Wolfson. We can answer questions about everything from accommodation to current COVID precautions.

Meet the current students, Tuesday 14th June 2022

Current students will be on hand to tell you about the social and welfare life of the College. You can also ask them your questions, on anything from food to Cambridge cycling!

Introduction to the Library and Academic support, Tuesday 21st June 2022

Meet Wolfson Librarian Laura Jeffrey and find out how the Library works, what they do to support students and the fantastic academic skills programme they offer.

In-person Offer Holder Day, Friday 1st July 2022

Your chance to tour the College, meet some staff and meet other incoming students! This event is open to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate offer holders.

What will happen when I arrive?

Please note: this information is for students arriving in 2022 and will be further up-dated over the summer

Induction for undergraduates runs from Wednesday 28 September to Friday 30 September, so you will need to request an arrival date of 27 September with the Accommodation Manager when you book your room, as room licences run from 1 October.

Most students arrive during Freshers' Week, when there are plenty of activities to help you get settled at College. Please be sure to come into the College during the intake weekend, even if you are not going to be living in College, or if you arrive in Cambridge well in advance of these dates.

When you first arrive please report to the Porters’ Lodge which is located just inside the front entrance to the college. The Porters will be able to answer most questions you may have, or they will point you in the direction of someone who can.

In the first few days you need to:

  • Matriculate (that is, complete the formal registration process);
  • Make arrangements to meet your Tutor;
  • Take your passport and visa to the Tutorial Office for scanning (if you have a Study Visa - EU and International students only);
  • Register with a General Medical Practitioner (GP) and set up a UK bank account. Information on how to complete both of these activities will be provided upon arrival in Cambridge;
  • Pay your fees at the College Office;
  • Take your Student Finance Entitlement letter (if applicable) to the College Office.
What happens at Matriculation?

Information regarding matriculation for 2022 will be shared here when it is available.

All students must matriculate in order to become a member of the University. This involves signing a formal declaration agreeing to abide by the Statutes and Ordinances of the University and College, after which you are recognised as a full member of the University and College.

The Praelector, Dr David Goode, is the Officer of the College whose responsibility it is to matriculate students by witnessing the signing of these documents. Following acknowledgement by the College Office that you have met your financial obligations to the College by paying your fees, you present yourself to the Praelector to sign the declaration. Matriculation ceremonies are held in the Lee Hall (though during the COVID-19 pandemic they have been held online) which the President and the Senior Tutor attend to welcome new students

A further admittance to the University and College is celebrated by a series of formal dinners, the Matriculation Dinners, two of which are held in October and one (for students admitted later in the academic year) during the Lent term. All new students are invited to attend one of these dinners: it is not necessary to have completed the formal matriculation process before attending a dinner.

What if I have a deferred offer?

You still need to complete a Financial Undertaking Form this year so that we can confirm that you can finance your studies. You will be asked to complete this again next year, in case there have been changes to your financial situation.

You should begin to read for your subject during your extra year. If there are any areas in particular in which you would like to undertake further reading, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator who will put you in touch with your Director of Studies.

You will be sent accommodation details next year, along with details of any bursaries for which you may be eligible.

Where do I find reading lists?

Each subject will have a reading list for offer holders. Please note these lists may be updated over the Summer for 2022 entry. Please read the guidance on your list carefully; it is unlikely that you will be expected to read or buy everything but there may be one or two key texts that your Department or Faculty would like you to have access to before/at the start of term. You may find other resources listed on there as freely available. When you arrive in Cambridge you will have access to the collections in the college Library. Most of these books are to support taught courses and so you may find that you don't need to buy many books, if any, depending on your course. You will get access to e-books and journal articles once you arrive too.