Thomas Koller (R) and Bilal Abou El Ela Bourquin (L)

Medical & Veterinary Students

Thomas Koller (R) and Bilal Abou El Ela Bourquin (L)

Support for medical and veterinary students

Standard six-year medical/veterinary course (UK, and EU* students)
A new student who starts a standard medical or veterinary course in October 2022 is treated for four years as any other new student, charged the University fee of £9,250 and eligible for the same package of support as other students, including a fee loan and a maintenance loan.

In the final two years of the medical only course students become eligible for a means-tested NHS Bursary, and the NHS also meets the cost of fees on a non-means tested basis. Students cease to be eligible for all other forms of government support, with the exception of a reduced rate non means-tested maintenance loan. In addition, an NHS Grant is available to English and Welsh students.

*EU students commencing their studies in 2022 should note that the latest NHS tuition fee support arrangements are described here.

Four-year Graduate Course in Medicine (CGCM)

Please note that this material is based on our current understanding of information available from the NHS, Student Finance England, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland, Student Finance Wales, and the Education and Library Board in Northern Ireland. Full information for 2022-2023 was not available at the time of writing. In some cases, 2021/22 information has been used as a guide and will be updated with 2022-2023 information once this has been confirmed. The Generation Medics website provides useful information on funding.

Year 1

In year 1 English students will be required to pay the first £3,465 of the tuition fee and will also be eligible to apply for a tuition fee loan of up to £5,785 from Student Finance England. A college fee will not be payable by students in any year of the course.  Students must also find £15,250 for living costs in year 1, £15,710 in year 2, £16,180 in year 3 and £13,890 in the final year.  Living costs are an estimate only and have been calculated to increase by approximately 3% each year. English students can apply to Student Finance England for a maintenance loan up to £9,706. Students eligible for additional weeks support may receive an extra £104 per week for up to 22 weeks. Other supplementary grants are also available such as Parental Learning Allowance, Adult Dependant Grant and Child Care Grant as well as Disabled Students Allowance for the additional needs of disabled students. EU, EEA and Swiss nationals who have been ordinarily resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of the course may be eligible for a maintenance loan.

English students who wish to apply for student support should apply online to Student Finance England. More information can be found at the Student Room website or from the BMA. EU students can find information about applying for student support at The Student Room.


Welsh students need to self-fund the first £3,465 of tuition fees and can apply for a fee loan of up to £5,785 and a Maintenance grant plus loan up to £9,225 from Student Finance Wales. A college fee will not be payable in any year of the course. More information about tuition fee and maintenance loan rates can be obtained from Student Finance Wales
SCOTTISH AND NORTHERN IRISH STUDENTS Students will be required to pay the tuition fee themselves. A college fee will not be payable by students in any year of the course.  Scottish students can apply to SAAS for up to £5,750 Maintenance Loan. Northern Irish students can apply for up to £4,840 from Student Finance Northern Ireland. Please see  Student Awards Agency Scotland or Student Finance Northern Ireland.

Years 2-4
  • CGCM students domiciled in England and Wales will be eligible to apply for help from the N.H.S and their regional funding agency towards their tuition fees. The NHS will pay the first £3,715 of the tuition fee (not repayable and not means tested) and students will be eligible to apply for a tuition fee loan (from Student Finance England/Student Finance Wales) for the balance of the tuition fee (£5,535).
  • Students can also apply to Student Finance England for a reduced rate maintenance loan of up to £2,534 in year 2 and 3 and up to £1,975 in final year/ 4.
  • Welsh Students can apply for up to £4,855 Maintenance Loan in each of the years 2, 3 and the final year/4. 
  • An NHS bursary for living costs of up to £4,491 is also available to help with day-to-day costs incurred while studying. In addition, an extra £1,000 Grant is available.
  • Other allowances are available including additional weeks; Dependants Grant; Child Care Grant; Parents Learning Allowance, costs for disabled students and practice placement costs. More information is available on the NHS Business Services Authority.
  • There is an additional extra weeks allowance for courses longer than 30 weeks and 3 days in any one academic year. If you have to attend the course for 45 weeks or more in any academic year, you will receive extra allowance to ensure your bursary covers all 52 weeks of the year.
  • Note that travel costs to clinical placements are usually funded by a ‘mileage allowance’ from Year 2 onwards payable by the NHS or NHS Wales. This will only apply if you are eligible for a means tested NHS Bursary.
  • Students from Northern Ireland and Scotland will not be eligible for an NHS Bursary or NHS fee grant.
  • Scottish students can apply for up to £5,750 in Maintenance Loan and should contact Student Awards Agency Scotland.
  • Students from Northern Ireland can apply for up to £4,840 in Maintenance Loan and should contact Student Finance Northern Ireland.
  • EU students with Settled Status, commencing their studies in 2022, should note that NHS tuition fee support arrangements have not yet been confirmed by the UK government.

Five-year Affiliate Course in Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Full information on funding for the 5-year Affiliate Courses can be found on the University website.

Students from the UK who are studying for an Affiliate degree in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at Wolfson College will not be required to pay a separate College fee.

Cambridge Bursaries (UK Students - all years)

UK students taking the CGCM may be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary of up to £3,500. Students who have been assessed by a Student Finance Agency and as a result are in receipt of a non-means tested maintenance loan and an additional means tested loan will receive a partial or full bursary. There is also up to an additional £2,100 available (means tested) for students who live independently all year round such as mature (age over 25), estranged or care leaver students and can show that they pay rent all year round.

If S.L.C assess your household income as below £25,000, then it is likely that you will qualify for the full bursary. If your household income is assessed as between £25,001 to £62,215 then you will qualify for a smaller bursary on a sliding scale.

Please see the Cambridge Bursary website for further details.

Cambridge Bursaries (EU Students- starting 2022-23)

For information for EU students with pre-settled or settled status, please see the Cambridge Bursary website for current details.

ALBORADA Scholarships for Veterinary students

A grant of up to £10,000 per year for subsistence. Veterinary students can apply according to the criteria of the Scholarship. Apply online by 31 March 2022 for the Alborada Scholarship.

Hardship Fund & Travel Grants

Students may be able to apply to the College Hardship Fund, the University Hardship Fund (in exceptional circumstances) and to the Wolfson Travel/Research Grant Fund (up to £400 to travel to present at a conference in each academic year). Any medical or veterinary student can also apply for a Wolfson College Travel/Research Grant for their elective of up to £500. Email the Student Finance Officer for a form. Travel Grants are also available from NHS Bursaries Practice Placement Expenses .

Funding from BMA Charities

Second year Medicine students, who are doing Medicine as a second degree, can apply for hardship from the BMA Charities (for their third year only).