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What's on

NASA, ESA, Martin Kornmesser (ESA/Hubble)

Science Society Lecture - My part in the discovery of the black hole in Cygnus X-1

22/02/2019 at 17.45

Professor Paul Murdin will talk about his role in the discovery of the source of celestial X-rays in the constellation Cygnus.

Music @ Wolfson

Music & Madeira

22/02/2019 at 21.00

Recital in the Lee Hall following Formal Hall

Humanities at Wolfson

Humanities Society - The restitution of Nazi-looted art in post-fascist Austria, Italy and West Germany

26/02/2019 at 17.45

Can we indeed talk of a ‘fifty-year wait for justice’, and how did restitution practices, or lack thereof, contribute to the reconstruction of these national communities?

workers with palm fronds making baskets

Lunchtime Seminar - Towards a socially conscious evolutionary science of culture

27/02/2019 at 13.00

Attempts to apply evolutionary models and thinking to human societies have a dark past, ranging from Darwin's own characterisation of 'civilised' versus 'savage' races, to social Darwinism and eugenics, and the more recent efforts of some evolutionary psychologists to naturalise oppressive social stereotypes.

Australia with soldiers and aboriginal children

Education Society - Negotiating Education

28/02/2019 at 17.30

The First School for Aboriginal Children and the Diplomatic World of Colonial New South Wales, 1814-1822