International Student Liaison Officer

Dr Sally K Church

As International Student Liaison Officer, Dr Church is responsible for providing help and advice to overseas students and EU students not resident in the UK. She is available to assist with some practical matters and for consultation on personal matters related to being an international student in Cambridge. She does not, however, help with immigration status or visa applications, which are handled by the University International Office, which has a section devoted to visa enquiries.

Dr Church works on developing study skills for international students, particularly for non-native English speakers. She runs an Academic English Class held on Sundays during term time from 2:30 to 3:30pm and repeated from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Some English language tuition can be arranged through her, as well as help for students writing theses in English.

As International Student Liaison Officer she works with academic course coordinators, supervisors, and Directors of Studies in faculty departments, as well as with College groups such as WCSA, which has its own International Officer, and the Liaison Officer for Student Parents. She also works with the University's International Office and other international student organisations.

The International Student Liaison Officer is the contact point for student national groups, such as the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, and other organisations.

All discussions with Dr Church will follow university guidelines on data protection and confidentiality.

Her office hours are Tuesday evening from 6:15 till 7.00pm, Wednesday afternoon from 12:15 till 1.00pm, and Friday morning from 9:30 till 10:15 am,
or by appointment. Her email address is skc1000 at

In addition to her role as International Student Liaison Officer she is
also a Tutor at the College, and runs the College's Thesis Writing Group.
This group aims to help students with thesis-writing and research skills.
It is open to all students and is not limited to international students.
She is assisted in the running of this group by Lesley Dingle, the
College's Academic Support Officer. Lesley is a librarian at the Squire Law
Library and can be contacted on lmd25 at