Karen Spärck Jones Room

Karen Sparck Jones Room

This public room is named after one of our most distinguished former Fellows, the Computer Scientist and pioneer in information retrieval and natural language processing, Professor Karen Spärck Jones (1935-2007). It functions as a 'combination room' in the true Cambridge sense, where people are encouraged to gather for informal conversation, whether with old friends or with people they're meeting for the first time. A coffee machine is available, and supplies can be purchased from the servery during cafeteria opening times.

A selection of daily and weekly newspapers and magazines is also available.

The books on the shelves to the left of the entrance are part of the private library of Professor Spärck Jones and her husband, the late Professor Roger Needham (also a Fellow of Wolfson from1966 to 2002). It is an impressively varied collection with particular strengths in art history and native American history and culture. Please feel free to browse the shelves and read the books, but please do not remove any from the room at any time.