Success Stories: every donation counts

How your donation makes a difference to Wolfson College students

Modernised accommodation and facilities: Thanks to the generosity of donors, Wolfson College has invested in modernised, environmentally sustainable facilities and accommodation that provide a welcoming home to meet the varied needs of our cosmopolitan and mature students.

Studentships and bursaries: Wolfson College is home to excellent students from around the world. By removing the increasing financial barriers that many face when beginning their undergraduate or continuing their postgraduate career, donations enable students to pursue important research and study.
Prizes and grants: Our aim is to stimulate academic excellence, to support our students on their career path, and to ensure that they are able both to fulfil their potential and to share their knowledge by attending conferences and other key events.

Wolfson Students shared their research at the End-of-Campaign Event 

Tszwai So

Re-embodying Memories: why we built a wooden church in London

Tz’s designs for the first permanent wooden church in London since 1666 is for the Belarusian community and won an RIBA London award, 2017.

Carly Waterman

Emotionality in leadership: is it enabling or constraining?

Carly Waterman’s ground breaking research offers insights not only for headteachers, but for anyone who is in a leadership role.

Curtis Sharma

ADHD: is language a factor?

Curtis considers the effect of bilingualism on ADHD traits in primary school children. This ongoing research is based on results from 400 children with differing linguistic abilities.

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How you can help to make a difference

Whether you make a large donation or small, regular gifts, every donation counts.

A monthly gift of just £20 from 100 Wolfson members, would raise £24,000 per year (£30,000 with Gift Aid in the UK): enough to fund several students who would otherwise face hardship, essential travel grants, or make a major contribution to a prize or studentship. Imagine what an even more generous donation could achieve.

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