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Communicable Diseases

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Vaccine-preventable Infections

You are advised to follow the advice for newly-arriving University students on vaccine-preventable infections. Reach out to the University of Cambridge for other Student Support information and advice.

Meningitis ACWY vaccine

This is offered free by the NHS only to new students under 25 years old, including overseas and mature students. This is because they will be probably living/working in an environment associated the higher risks of getting it. This puts first time university students in an ‘at risk’ group for meningitis. What is Meningitis? Please check out the signs and symptoms or download the Meningitis Now app to ensure you are well informed.

Under-25s can make an appointment with the GP’s Practice Nurse to be given the MenACWY free of charge as soon as possible, ideally before arrival to College, or else once registered with a Cambridge GP.

25 year-olds and over-25s therefore, who have accommodation in College and want the MenACWY, can obtain it privately at their own expense in the UK, for example at Superdrug pharmacy, where the cost is around £50. The vaccine is also available from other suppliers, such as other pharmacies and private travel clinics.

Meningitis brochure
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MMR vaccine x 2

What is Mumps? You are strongly advised to have two doses of the MMR vaccine before coming to university. Adults who missed out on two MMR vaccinations or without natural immunity to Measles, Mumps and Rubella can have the MMR vaccine on the NHS from their GP's Practice Nurse. It is given to adults as two doses; the second at least a month after the first.

Influenza (Flu) vaccine

What are influenza and flu-like illnesses? If you suffer from certain chronic conditions or are immunosuppressed, you should already be offered a free annual seasonal flu vaccine. This year, if you don’t qualify for a free flu vaccine, it would be sensible to consider paying for it privately, as symptoms of seasonal flu are similar to COVID-19.  They are available at local pharmacies (Boots, Jank's or Superdrug) for approximately £10-15.

Norovirus (Winter vomiting virus)

What is Norovirus? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.


Health Protection Advice

Public Health England website has the latest advice available.