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The Wolfson College Science Society, founded in the Michaelmas Term 2010, aims to promote science, medicine, technology and engineering research in College.

The Society hosts termly series of lay-friendly talks, which help to contribute to an understanding of how science and technology affect not only the way we live now, but perhaps more importantly, how they will affect our lives in the future.

Talks take place on alternate Fridays in Full Term. Meetings begin at 5.45pm with drinks; the talk follows at 6.00pm, with questions at 6.45pm and formal hall. Speakers are invited to the dinner, so there are opportunities to continue the discussion over the meal.

Forthcoming seminar talks

Please contact António Rodrigues with any comments or suggestions for speakers, etc.

Past Talks

Nominate a Speaker for the Science Society Seminar Series

Do you know a scientist who is also a great speaker? Why not nominate them to join our seminar series? You might like to nominate your research supervisor, a lecturer, a speaker that you have heard elsewhere; you can even nominate yourself! If your nominee is selected to join our seminar series you and the nominee will each receive a pair of complimentary tickets to attend Formal Hall dinner.
To nominate a speaker or for more information email António Rodrigues.


The Science Society is organised mainly by Junior Research Fellows and also other Fellows and Senior Members. They are always happy to welcome new people in the team. Our Honorary President is Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, currently Vice-Chancellor of the University and newly-appointed chairman of Cancer Research UK

Dr António Rodrigues is President, support by the following committee members:


Dr Benjamin Pingault, Wolfson Junior Research Fellow
Research Associate, Cavendish Laboratory

Dr Philippe T Gilchrist, Wolfson Tutor and Fellow
Research Fellow, Department of Psychology

Lara Urban, PhD Student
European Bioinformatics Institute

Nicholas Jose, PhD Student
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology