Family at Graduation

Students with Families

With special resources available, Wolfson is a great place to study in Cambridge with a family.

Family at Graduation

Support for families

Obtaining a Cambridge degree is challenging for everyone. We offer extra support for students with family responsibilities and health challenges. The University Childcare Office sends out newsletters (please register) and has a facebook page. SPACE supports Parents and Carers who are members of the University of  Cambridge.


Residential partners of members of the College are encouraged to take part in College life.

All social and sporting facilities are available to residential partners who register as an Associate Member of WCSA. They should obtain a Catering Card from the Porters' Lodge, which will also give access to the back gate of College. Users of the College Gym must register personal access to the gym annually, and because residential partners don't have a personal University Card, they may obtain access to the gym by borrowing a guest card from the Porter's Lodge when they wish to use the gym.

Residential partners are regarded as full participants in College life. All social and sports events that are free to Wolfson members are also free to residential partners who are Associate Members of WCSA. They also have access to the Library study space; please write directly to Laura, the Librarian, to receive a temporary access card.



For couples with no children, we have several options — the larger rooms in some of the houses on site, or double studio flats and large double flats in the accommodation blocks. These rooms all have double, king-size, beds.

If both residents are Wolfson students, shared sets in some of the accommodation blocks can combined to create a flat. The College can move the two single beds into one bedroom to create a double bed, leaving the other bedroom as a separate study.


There are five two-bedroom Family Flats which are suitable for an individual or couple plus one or two children. Only one partner needs to be a current Wolfson student. As the Family Flats are self-contained accommodation, the College does not provide cleaning. Further information on accommodation is in the Guide to Student Accommodation.


Financial assistance for families

Parents’ Learning Allowance

The Parents’ Learning Allowance is worth up to £1,821 a year (non-repayable) in 2021-22 (up to £1,863 in 2022-23), depending on household income. It helps with course-related costs for students with dependent children.

Adult Dependents' Grant

If you have a husband, wife or partner, or another adult family member who depends on you financially, you may be eligible for an Adult Dependents' Grant of up to £3,190 a year (non-repayable) in 2021-22 (£3,263 in 2022-23). The amount depends on household income.

Childcare Grant

The Childcare Grant is for full-time students with dependent children in registered or approved childcare. The amount payable depends on household income and actual childcare costs. The maximum available is 85% of weekly childcare costs up to a maximum of £179.62 a week for one child, or £307.95 a week for two or more children (2021-22). This grant is non-repayable. This increases to up to a maximum of £183.75 a week for one child, or £315.03 a week for two or more children in the 2022-23 academic year.

Cambridge University Childcare Bursaries

UK students may apply to the University's Central Childcare Bursary Scheme for support with childcare costs.

Non-UK students may apply to the University's Central Childcare Bursary Scheme for EU and Overseas Students. The information and application forms for these two bursary schemes have now been posted online on these pages. You can also request a chat with someone from the University Childcare Office.

Wolfson College Hardship Fund for Childcare

Students who cannot afford their childcare costs, can apply for support through the Wolfson Hardship Fund (£3,000 is available in 2021-22 from the generosity of the Ujejski/Williams Fund). Apply using the Wolfson Hardship Fund application form.