The President Jane Clarke with an alumnus and child

Support for Families & Students with Disabilities

The President Jane Clarke with an alumnus and child

Students with disabilities

Funds are available for Home (UK) students who have disabilities through the Government-financed Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs).


Parents’ Learning Allowance

The Parents’ Learning Allowance is worth up to £1,617 a year (non-payable), depending on household income. It helps with course-related costs for students with dependent children.

Adult Dependents' Grant

If you have a husband, wife or partner, or another adult family member who depends on you financially, you may be eligible for an Adult Dependents' Grant of up to £2,834 a year (non-repayable). The amount depends on household income.

Childcare Grant

The Childcare Grant is for full-time students with dependent children in registered or approved childcare. The amount payable depends on household income and actual childcare costs. The maximum available is 85% of weekly childcare costs up to a maximum of £159.59 a week for one child, or £273.60 a week for two or more children. This grant is non-repayable.