Susan Bowring

Mrs Susan Bowring


  • Position Emeritus Fellow

Susan was formerly the University Draftsman in the Registrary’s Office in the Old Schools supporting the University Council to facilitate the passage of the University’s legislative business.

Susan Bowring

Susan graduated in Natural Sciences (Chemistry) from Newnham College in 1968. Her link with Wolfson (University) College dates from 1971 when the returned to Cambridge and studied for the PGCE. After several years abroad (Japan, Australia and the US) in a variety of occupations she returned to Cambridge and eventually joined Cambridge University Press in charge of freelance copy-editors and proofreaders for the Sciences division. She took up the position of Reporter Editor in 1997 and then the position of University Draftsman in 1999 when she was invited to become a Fellow of the College. Her office prepared the Reporter and the annual update of the Statutes and Ordinances of the University for publication

She has served on the College’s Council and the Statutes and Ordinances Committee.


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