Professor Ian Cross LRAM ARCM BSc PhD


  • Professor of Music & Science, CU Faculty of Music
  • Director of Studies in Music, Wolfson College

Ian Cross has been a Fellow in Music of Wolfson College since 1994. He was Director of Studies in Music until 2013-14 and is closely involved with the musical life of the College (see Wolfson College Music Society). He is Professor of Music and Science and Director of the Centre for Music and Science in the Faculty of Music.

Since 1980 he has been involved in experimental investigations of the perception of tonal structures as well as of the role of culture and formal education in shaping musical cognition. He has explored the general limits and constraints on scientific accounts of music and is particularly involved in research into the relation between music and evolutionary theory.

He is the author of over a hundred papers and book chapters, and was co-editor (with Peter Howell and Robert West) of Musical Structure and Cognition (1985) and Representing Musical Structure (1991), both published by Academic Press. He is co-editor (with Susan Hallam and Michael Thaut) of the Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology (2009), and (with Patrick Rebuschat, Martin Rohrmeier and John Hawkins) of the volume Language and Music as Cognitive Systems (2011) (both OUP). Ian Cross is also a guitarist.