Omer Karin

Dr Omer Karin


  • Position Fellow Junior Research Fellow
  • Subject areas Applied Mathematics & Theoretical physics Physiology, Development & Neurosciences
  • School Biological Sciences
  • Personal website Omerkarin
  • Department Gurdon Institute
  • Email
  • Twitter @omer_karin

Omer develops theoretical and computational approaches to understand physiological processes, and their dysregulation in disease.

Omer Karin

Omer obtained his PhD degree as an Azrieli Graduate Fellow from the Weizmann Institute, Israel in January 2021, where he worked with Professor Uri Alon. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the Technion in Israel (2011) and an MSc in Computational Biology from the Weizmann Institute (2015). In April 2021 he came to Cambridge as a postdoctoral fellow, supported by the James S McDonnell Foundation 21st Century Postdoctoral Fellowship Award in Understanding Dynamic and Multi-scale Systems.


Omer has broad interests in using mathematical and computational modelling to study physiology. In his research, Omer aims to identify and analyse design principles of physiological mechanisms. Design principles are recurring patterns of regulation that are present across distinct systems, which help them overcome common underlying functional requirements. Omer’s goal is to develop quantitative theories that will help us understand how physiological systems work, and how they go awry in diseases. His work spans diverse topics, including aging, hormone circuits, and neuroscience.

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