Frank Tietze

Professor Frank Tietze

Dr rer pol Dipl-ing oec MSc MA

Frank pursues research at the intersection of innovation, intellectual property and sustainability management. He also has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and innovation economics.

Frank Tietze

Frank is Professor of Innovation Engineering at the University’s Department of Engineering, where he leads the Innovation and Intellectual Property Management (IIPM) laboratory. He currently serves as President of the EPIP (European Policy for Intellectual Property) association and is departmental editor for IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. He currently is  course director for the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos (MET) Part IIB. Frank is affiliated to the Cambridge Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law (CIPIL). 

Frank holds a Master of Arts (MA) degree from the University of Cambridge, a Doctoral degree (Dr rer pol) in economics and social sciences from Hamburg University of Technology (Germany), a Master of Science (MSc) degree from Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) and a German Diplom degree (Dipl-Ing oec.) in industrial engineering and management. 


Frank leads the IIPM lab that adopts an engineering management (firm level) and relational perspective on intellectual property (IP) within distributed and collaborative (open) innovation processes and systems for emerging (manufacturing) technologies. Employing predominately problem-driven research approaches. Our research focuses on the role of IP and its strategic management for developing and deploying sustainable innovation (e.g. climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies), addressing global challenges, such as climate change, achieving sustainable development goals (SDG), and accelerating sustainability transitions.