Xin Peng

Dr Xin Peng


Xin Peng works at the intersection of American film history, media technologies, and Asian racial formation.

Xin Peng

Dr Peng has written on talkies and early Asian American movie stars, Anna May Wong and Sessue Hayakawa (published in Camera Obscura); early Technicolor and Hollywood Orientalism (appeared in Screen); and 1930s Busby Berkeley musical and racial capitalism. She is now writing a book-length media history of San Francisco’s Chinatown telephone exchange (c. 1901-1949) and its women operators. Other miscellaneous writings (reviews, encyclopedic entries, short research essays) can be found in Technology and Culture, ASAP/JWomen Film Pioneers Project, and New Review of Film and Television Studies.

Dr Peng is the current book reviewers editor of Early Popular Visual Culture, having previously served as the managing editor for Feminist Media Histories and assistant editor for the Journal of Chinese Cinemas. She received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington. Before Seattle, she studied for an MA at the University of Chicago, and BA at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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