Dr Patricia Hyndman

Emeritus Fellow

  • International Human Rights Law Consultant, Gray's Inn
  • Barrister-at-Law, Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia
  • Barrister,

Patricia studied for the LL.B at University College, London and began her teaching career in the University of Manitoba. From there she went to Dalhousie University and, later, to the University of New South Wales. Her involvement in international human rights law began in the early 1980s when she was asked by a regional association of lawyers, LAWASIA, to establish a regular publication covering the human rights issues of the Asia - Pacific region. The task brought her into abrupt confrontation with the depth of the abuses of rights in the region. One thing led to another and, before she knew it, she was running a regional lawyers’ human rights committee - with the impossible mandate of involvement in human rights issues throughout the whole of Asia and the Pacific.

There followed (with the committee and later with other organisations) all kinds of activities such as: efforts to empower rural women living in poverty and inequality; issues of child labour, asylum-seekers and refugees, child soldiers, dowry deaths, minorities, indigenous peoples, freedom of expression, constitutional issues, the independence of judges and lawyers, and dissemination of information on human rights norms.

Patricia feels privileged to have been involved in this area of activity and research. It is multi-dimensional, inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural, often heart-rending, certainly never boring and, occasionally, there are wonderful occasions when something really worthwhile is achieved.