Dr Jennifer Davis BA MSc MA

Emeritus Fellow

  • Director of Graduate Studies in Law & Graduate Admission Tutor, Wolfson College

Dr Jennifer Davis was until October 2011 the Herchel Smith College Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law. She is a member of the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law, University of Cambridge. She also directs studies in Law for LLM students for Wolfson College. Dr Davis has a particular interest in trade mark law, branding, unfair competition and personality rights and has published extensively on these topics.

Dr Davis is the author of Intellectual Property Law (4th ed) (OUP, forthcoming 2012) and with Tanya Aplin, Intellectual Property: Text, Cases and Materials (OUP 2009). With Lionel Bently and Jane Ginsburg, she edited: Trade Marks and Brands: An Interdisciplinary Critique (CUP 2008) and Copyright and Piracy (CUP 2010). Among her other publications are; “Locating the Average Consumer: His Judicial Origins, Intellectual Influences and Current Role in European Trade Mark Law”, Intellectual Property Quarterly, 2005, “Protecting the Common: delineating a public domain in trade mark law”, in Dinwoodie & Janis (eds), Trade Mark Law and Theory (Edward Elgar, 2008) and “Why the United Kingdom should have a Law against Misappropriation”, Cambridge Law Journal, 2010.

Before joining Wolfson College and the Faculty of Law, Dr Davis practised as a solicitor specializing in intellectual property litigation.