Dr Alasdair Russell BMLSc PG Dip HealSc PhD

College Research Associate

  • Head, Pre-Clinical Genome Editing, CRUK Cambridge Institute

Alasdair currently heads up the Pre-Clinical Genome Editing facility at the CRUK Cambridge Institute on the Addenbrooke’s Biomedical Campus. His passion lies in the innovation and application of cutting edge genome editing technologies (such as CRISPR), using these to tackle fundamental biological questions underpinning human disease, especially cancer.


Genome editing technologies are revolutionising the ability of researchers to functionally interrogate the vast catalogue of human variation that has been annotated by recent advances in sequencing technologies. Alasdair, and his team, are capitalising on this. They specialise in making new models of disease that more authentically reflect diseases seen in the Clinic, and conversely, use the technology on patient-derived cells to eliminate disease. Currently, Alasdair is exploiting the uniquely precise and scalable properties of CRISPR systems to build a tool pallet that will allow researchers to uncover how genetic, and epigenetic, variations contribute to disease. The cross-cutting nature of CRISPR means that Alasdair is working with a very diverse, interdisciplinary set of collaborators, ranging from Clinicians to Physicists, and Synthetic Biologists to Industry.


Alasdair is open to new collaborations surrounding the innovation and application of genome editing technologies to human disease.


Find out more about what Alasdair and his team are up to here: www.crisprcambridge.com