Debashis Puhan

Dr Debashis Puhan

BTech MTech PhD MInstP

Debashis Puhan is a Supervisor in Engineering at Wolfson College and Homerton College. Dr Puhan’s background is as a Mechanical Engineer, though the scope of his research has broadened to include the chemistry and physics of surfaces. He has specialised in developing a range of experimental methods and in-situ tribology testing which he uses in combination with spectroscopy to analyze sliding interfaces.

Debashis Puhan

Dr Puhan obtained a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering followed by a Master of Technology in Industrial Tribology and Maintenance Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Tribology) at Imperial College London.

Debashis Puhan was a Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry and a visiting researcher at Imperial College London. He also volunteers as an educator/tutor for prospective undergraduate students interested in making a career in engineering.

Recognitions & achievements

  • Member of the Institute of Physics, current secretary of the Tribology Group committee

Tribology, Polymer composites, Surface Science and Engineering, Lubricant and Lubrication Technology, Bio-Tribology and Plant-based Foods.


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