Dr Conrad Guettler BSc (London) MA (Cantab)

Emeritus Fellow

  • Formerly Journals Director, Cambridge University Press
  • Freelance Publishing Consultant,

Conrad Guettler is the editor of the Wolfson Review and the Ring True Newsletter; he also undertakes some freelance publishing consulting work. He was a Senior Member of the College from 1995-2010.

Before retiring from Cambridge University Press Conrad held senior positions at the Press, first as a Publishing Director in the physical sciences and then for many years as an Executive Board Director and Journals Director in which role he oversaw the migration of well over 100 print journals to online access. During these years he was also an active member of the Council of Academic & Professional Publishers and of the Serials Publishers Executive of the UK Publishers Association.

After research, Conrad began a new career in scholarly publishing at Nature, the international scientific journal, where he was physical sciences editor for a number of years. He then acquired his book publishing knowledge at Academic Press London where he began as commissioning editor and eventually became Editorial Director and a member of the executive board.

His academic background is in physics which he studied at University College London, initially for a BSc and then for a PhD in experimental high-energy physics followed by postdoctoral research. All his experimental work was in international collaborations and took place at CERN, Geneva, the European laboratory for particle physics.

An earlier and highly formative experience were his two years at Atlantic College, the international sixth form college in South Wales, where he acquired his lasting interest in international education and international affairs.