Dr Bianca Gaudenzi MPhil PhD (Cantab)

College Research Associate

  • Independent Researcher, CU Faculty of History
  • Visiting Professor, University of Konstanz

Bianca Gaudenzi is currently CRA in Modern European History at Wolfson College and Visiting Professor at the University of Konstanz. Over the past five years she held the posts of Royal Historical Society Centenary Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research and Research Fellow at Newnham College, Cambridge. Her research interests lie in the cultural and social history of 20th-century Germany and Italy, with a particular focus on the history of consumption and its political implications during the Fascist and Nazi regimes and the politicisation of artistic heritage in the immediate post-1945 period. Previous research projects covered the history of women's role and representation in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, media history - with a particular focus on the press - in 20th-century Europe and the analysis of the commercialisation of the Führer and the Duce in the interwar years. Her current research project focuses on the political motives underlying the process of restitution of works of art looted during WWII in Austria, Italy and West Germany in the context of the incipient Cold War. 

Bianca is happy to mentor or advise students on different aspects of modern German and Italian social and cultural history, including in particular the social and cultural history of Fascism and Nazism; the history of consumption; media history; the evolution of women's role and representation in 20th-century Europe; the history of the Italian Resistance and the politics of art and heritage in 20th-century Europe.