Dean of Students

Dr Raymond Bujdoso

Dr Raymond Bujdoso, Dean of StudentsThe role of the Dean of Students at Wolfson College is to help ensure that its students live in a safe, friendly and courteous environment, and obtain the most from their experiences within Cambridge University. It is important that our students study and develop in a secure College environment where they are able to strike a balance between the demands of scholarship and their leisure time activities without compromising either, or at the expense of others. Situations that might lead to relatively minor breaches of discipline, or misconduct, are usually settled equitably and informally by the appropriate Tutor, Director of Studies, or by the Senior Tutor. The Dean of Students adjudicates in serious matters of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour by students and, when necessary, administers appropriate disciplinary action. The Dean will deal with these matters in a formalized manner and in doing so, will liaise with College Officers and outside regulatory authorities as the situation dictates.

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