Philosophy Supervision

College Teaching Associates

The College appoints external Directors of Studies (DoS), experienced supervisors or postdoctoral researchers with expertise in areas of particular teaching need as College Teaching Associates.


Philosophy Supervision
Dr Robert Abayasekara Medicine
Dr Harriet Allen Geography (DoS)
Dr Elizabeth Ashman-Rowe  Anglo Saxon, Celtic & Norse (DoS)
Dr Aaron D'Sa Medicine
Dr Emanuela Davey Modern & Medieval Languages (DoS for Part IA, IB and Year Abroad) 
Dr Corinne Duhig Archaeology (DoS)
Dr Anna Gannon History of Art (DoS)
Professor Elizabeth Harper Earth Sciences (DoS)
Dr Linda King FRSB Biological Natural Sciences (DoS)
Professor Imre Leader Mathematics (DoS for MASt)
Dr Alastair Lockhart Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion (acting DoS)
Ms Silke Mentchen Modern & Medieval Languages (DoS for Part II)
Dr Philippa Steele Classics (DoS)
Dr Sergei Taraskin MASt (DoS Physics & Astrophysics/NST Physical Pt III) 
Mr Vitali Vitaliev Royal Literary Fund Fellow