Cezary Kucewicz

Dr Cezary Kucewicz


Cezary is an Assistant Professor in Ancient History at the University of Gdańsk and Bye-Fellow at Wolfson College.

Cezary Kucewicz

Cezary completed his doctoral research in History at University College London. His thesis, supervised by Professor Hans van Wees, concerned the social history of Archaic Athens. He also holds a BA in Ancient History and Social Anthropology (University College London) and MA in Ancient History (Cardiff University). He is the author of The Treatment of the War Dead in Archaic Athens: An Ancestral Custom (Bloomsbury 2021), which won the Early Career Researcher prize awarded by the Polish Academy of Sciences (Wolfson interview). He is also one of the editors of the Brill’s Companion to Greek Land Warfare Beyond the Phalanx (Brill 2021). He was a Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College from April 2019 until September 2022. Since September 2022, Cezary acts as Chair of the Wolfson Humanities Society.

When he is not reading Homer or looking at black-figure vases, Cezary can be found at local basketball courts, representing Cambourne Raptors (Cambridge Basketball League) and Wolfson College (College League). He is also a Level 2 Basketball England referee and coach. Cezary is a native of Gdańsk, Poland – the birthplace of Solidarity – and he warmly recommends it for a visit! 

Research Interests

Cezary’s research interests concern the social, cultural and military history of ancient Greece. He is currently conducting his second postdoctoral research project on the decorated hoplite shield-bands from the Peloponnese, funded by the National Science Centre in Poland. His work moves across different academic disciplines, such as Classics, History, Archaeology and Art; it engages with a variety of sources, including literature (poetry, drama, political speeches, philosophy) and visual art (pottery, sculpture, decorated weapons, monuments). In addition to academic publishing, Cezary regularly disseminates his research to the general public, writing articles for popular magazines and websites (Ancient WarfareAntike Welt, Bad Ancient) and taking part in podcasts (The History Network). In summer 2020, he hosted a series of webinars called Wolfson (Ancient) Warfare Wednesdays, available to watch here.

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