CRA garden party 2018, two women having a picnic

Current Academic Visitors

Wolfson welcomes the following Visiting Fellows and Visiting College Research Associates* during the Summer Term 2023:


CRA garden party 2018, two women having a picnic
Professor James Bacchus Distinguished University Professor of Global Affairs and Director of the Center for Global Economic & Environmental Opportunity, University of Central Florida  
Professor Anna Chechel Professor & Head of the Department of Public Administration & Management, Mariupol State University. CU Ukrainian Academic Support Scheme
Jan-Henrick Hinselmann* Doctoral Researcher, Institute of International and European Law, Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen  
Dr Tim Hülskötter* Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of International Business Law, University of Münster  
Professor Yoko Kubo Professor, College of Art, Nihon University  

Professor Inger Mewburn

Director of Researcher Development, The Australian National University

Dr Nobuhiro Mizuno Associate Professor, Osaka University of Economics  
Dr Anna Odynets* Researcher, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv CU Ukrainian Academic Support Scheme
Dr Michael Papageorgiou* Attorney at Law, Postdoctoral Researcher & Adjunct Lecturer, University of Athens and Adjunct Lecturer, Democritus University of Thrace  
Dr Olha Prykhodko Associate Professor, Morphology Department, Sumy State University, Ukraine CU Ukrainian Academic Support Scheme
Ms Zhai Yun Tan

Editor of ESG & contributing editor of Digital Edge and Wealth, The Edge Malaysia

Press Fellow
Professor Yurika Umeda Professor of History of Political Thought, Faculty of Economics, Momoyama Gakuin University  
Dr Dan Zhang

Associate Professor & Director, Global Center for Inclusive Education, East China Normal University, Shanghai

Professor Laura Zucconi Professor of History, Stockton University, New Jersey  

(Fellowship/Programme in brackets)