CRA garden party 2018, two women having a picnic

Current Academic Visitors

Wolfson welcomes the following Visiting Fellows and Visiting College Research Associates* during the Lent Term 2020:

(Fellowship/Programme in brackets)

CRA garden party 2018, two women having a picnic

New Visitors


Dr Dr Markus Beham*

Assistant Professor - University of Passau, & Adjunct Professor - University of Vienna

International Law

Professor Sungjune Jung

Associate Professor  - University of Science and Technology, South Korea


Dr Minna Lammi*

Adjunct Professor - Centre for Consumer Society Research, University of Helsinki

Society and Business in Emerging Circular Economies

Professor Kyoo Lee


Professor of Philosophy - Centre for the Study of Women and Society, City University of New York

Homo Cohabitus: Ethics of Cohabitation in the Age of Xenoracism

Professor Philip Lindley

Professor of Art History - Loughborough University

Art History

Ms Mirian Orlando

Chief Executive - National Criminal of Law Court of Buenos Aires

Recidivism Young Offenders


Returning Visitors


Professor Lydia Sharman

Emeritus Professor of Design and Computation Arts - Concordia University, Montreal

Industrial Design

Dr Rod Thomas

Associate Professor - Law School, AUT University

Property Law


Continuing Visitors


Professor Nami Arimitsu

Professor - Department of Marketing, Toyo University


Professor Ann Colley

SUNY Distinguished Professor - Dept of English, SUNY College at Buffalo

Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Geometric Idiom

Dr Ariane Hanemaayer*


Assistant Professor - Dept of Sociology, Brandon University

Historical Sociology

Dr Edward Holland (ARKANSAS)

Assistant Professor of Geography - Department of Geoscience, University of Arkansas

Geography/Russian Studies - Kalmyk Buddhism

Dr Harumi Goto

Associate Professor - Faculty of History, Toyo University

Early Modern British History

Professor Dr Yoriko Izumi

Professor - School of Commerce, Meiji University

English Literature & Criticism, Thanatology and Bibliotherapy

Dr Xin Li*

Associate Researcher - College of Economics & Management, Beijing University of Technology

Intellectual Property & Innovation Management

Professor Pierluigi Matera

Professor of Comparative Law and Prorector - Link Campus University, Rome

Comparative Company Law

Dr Noam Mizrahi

Associate & Chair - Department of Biblical Studies, Tel Aviv University

Hebrew Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls

Dr Jimmy Ssentongo*


Associate Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies & Research and Chair - Centre for African Studies, Uganda Martyrs University and
Cartoonist - The Observer, Uganda


Dr Yaling Zhao

Associate Professor - School of Public Health, Xi’an Jiao Tong University

Epidemiology and Biostatistics