Communicable Diseases

The College has information, advice, protocols and procedures in place for a variety of communicable (infectious) diseases:

What is Mumps? Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
We strongly recommend that all students ensure that they have had two doses of the MMR vaccine before coming to university.

Meningitis ACWY Vaccination
All new university entrants including international students, if they are a first year entrant up to 25 years of age, are strongly advised to obtain this vaccination from their General Practitioner (GP) from August 2015.
Alternatively, they should request the MenACWY vaccination from their new GP once registered, if they did not receive the vaccine before arriving in Cambridge.

What are influenza and flu-like illnesses? Symptoms, immunization, treatment

Norovirus (Winter Vomiting Virus)
What is Norovirus? Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Vaccine-preventable infections
All students are advised to follow the advice for newly-arriving University students on vaccine-preventable infections.

Applicants for visas over six months from countries where TB is common must be screened prior to entering the UK.  Please consult the Home Office leaflet on TB screening for the UK for further information.

Health Protection Advice
The Public Health England website has the latest advice available.