The aim of the Cambridge engineering course is to provide you with all the analytical, design and computing skills that underpin modern engineering practice, while encouraging the creativity and problem-solving skills that are so important to a good engineer.

Engineering at Cambridge is an unusually broadly based course. During the first two years all students take courses covering a whole range of engineering branches, including mechanics, structures, materials, thermofluids, electrical engineering and mathematics. This enables them to see the important inter-relationships of the ways engineering principles are applied in different fields. In the third year of the Engineering Tripos students specialise by focusing on one of many engineering subject areas.

Whilst a few students graduate after three years with the BA Hons degree, most successfully complete the fourth year which leads to the BA and MEng degrees. Progression to the fourth year (and all years) is dependent on examination achievements in previous years. 

Academic Requirements:

The standard conditional offer for candidates in Engineering is A*A*A at A Level, in scientific or mathematical subjects. Mathematics and Physics are essential. Further Mathematics is highly desirable, but not essential. The department website gives more information on this.

Chemistry is also required for admission to read Chemical Engineering via the Engineering route.

See also Entrance requirements for additional advice about general requirements for entry, qualifications and offers.


The subject interview aims to test your ability to reason logically and your mathematical ability and scientific understanding in an engineering context. We realise that it is a challenge to have to ‘think through’ problems under pressure so we do our best to make you feel as much at ease as possible – and provide hints if you run into difficulties, much as we would for students in supervisions. 

Applicants invited for interview are also required to sit a mathematics based written assessment.

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Director of Studies: Dr Rasha Rezk (Part IA, IB & IIA), Dr Antonio Lombardo (Part IIB), Dr Frank Tietze(MET)

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