Tutorial Support

Some of Wolfson 's Tutorial Team at Fresher's Day 2017

  • A Tutor to monitor each student’s progress, provide guidance and support, and to act as an advocate when necessary.
  • Wolfson has a team of thirteen personal tutors, including two tutors with sole responsibility for part-time students.

  • An induction programme shortly after arrival, helping students understand how the College works, and how students fit within the wider context of the University, funding organisations, the City and so on.

    At Wolfson this is organised annually in consultation with our student body, WCSA. In addition to formal meetings with tutors and introductions to key College Officers, we have a week of social events, and we organise a ‘buddy’ scheme to give new students supportive contacts among our existing student body.

  • Provision of letters of reference and other official letters (e.g. to confirm residence, student status, etc.) during and after a student’s time in the College.