Photo Competition 2018

Justin Yang and Michael Simmons photo competition winners

Two of our 2017 winners - Justin Yang and Michael Simmons

Thank you so much to all the people who participated in the photographic competition for the beautiful pictures that you entered. After the success of this initiative we have decided to launch another competition with a different theme. This time we ask you to send us photographs about ‘Equality and Diversity’.

Wolfson is known for its egalitarian ethos and for its commitment to inclusivity. But while the notions of equality and diversity are often spoken about, representing equality and diversity visually may not be very easy. Photographs that address these important concepts may often feel staged and somewhat contrived. How would you go about showing equality and diversity? What do these concepts mean to you, and what creative ways can you think of to show their meanings?

All members are eligible to participate: students, staff, Fellows, alumni and their families. The photographs you send us will become part of our visual archive, and a resource for us to draw on in the creation of the website. Any use of your photographs will be credited to you.

The best photographs entered in this and the previous competition will become part of an exhibition in the Gallery outside the dining hall between June and September 2018.

As usual, you can submit up to as many entries as you wish. Please send us good quality images and provide a title for each photograph. Send your photographs to Dr Anna Bagnoli,

The deadline for the competition is Tuesday 24 April 2018.

A panel will choose the best three photographs. The first prize will be £100, and the prize for the two runner-ups will be £25.