Library System Downtime

As part of a University-wide implementation, Wolfson Library staff will be getting to grips with a new library-management system from Tuesday 9 January 2018.

What are the implications for you? From 23 December to 19 January, due to downtime while the new system is brought online:

  • No email reminders of when books are due for return (most Wolfson library books are due 15 January)
  • The inability to borrow Wolfson library books using the self-check machine (please use the green slips next to the machine instead)
  • Inability to pay fines at any faculty library
  • No renewals of any library’s books in Cambridge
  • Inability to place recalls on any library’s books in Cambridge

After 19 January, with the new library-management system, all of this functionality will return plus:

  • Better search results in iDiscover (the library catalogue)
  • Via iDiscover, the ability to pay your fees with a credit card for any library in Cambridge
  • Via iDiscover, the ability to see messages from any library in Cambridge (for example regarding lost property)
  • You’ll still receive emails to remind you of books due for return, or of books which are overdue, BUT this will include any/all books which are due for return to any library in Cambridge. Do not reply to this email – contact us directly ( or your faculty library directly

The new system will bring many improvements to library services, but you’ll perhaps notice library staff across the university looking nervous in January as we get to grips with the changes to our work patterns.

Please email the library ( with any questions or concerns.