New Library Borrowing Rules

All of the libraries at the University of Cambridge are switching to a new underlying database at the end of the year which means that that we need to change the rules about how many books you can borrow and for how long. Starting today, the new rules for the Wolfson Library are:

  • Number of books on loan at one time: 20 (used to be 15).
  • Borrowing period: The whole term (used to be 4 weeks in term time).
  • Can the books be renewed? No. All books are now due back at the end of term, and then you can reborrow the books you need for the next term once the books are back on the shelf.
  • Can the books be recalled or placed on hold? Yes. All books can be recalled (i.e., borrower needs to bring the book back within 5 days) or placed on hold (i.e., you are notified when the book is returned).

Please note that your faculty library and other college libraries may have different rules. Borrowing policies are usually listed on each library's website.

If you have any questions or concerns about the rules, please contact the Wolfson librarian on