Previous Research Events

2018: You can download the 2018 Event Schedule and Abstract here.

2017: You can download the 2017 Event Schedule and Abstract here.

2016: You can download the 2016 Event Schedule and Abstracts here.

2015: You can download the 2015 Event Schedule and Abstracts here.

2014: You can download the 2014 Event Schedule here.

2013: The 2013 Wolfson Research Event took place on Friday 3 May. The day opened with a poster session followed by a welcome and research presentation from the President. The University of Cambridge Vice-Chancellor and Honorary Fellow of Wolfson, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, gave the keynote address speaking on ‘Research in Universities’. Two oral sessions were interspersed with poster sessions. The programme was diverse, consisting of Wolfson members (MPhils, PhDs, Fellows and Senior Members) from a variety of disciplines, and an MPhil student from Wolfson’s sister college at Oxford: St Antony’s. Prizes were awarded to the top oral and poster presenters. Top oral presenters were: (1) Alexandra Reider, (2) Elif Cetin, (3) Ajoeb Baridi. Top poster presenters were: (1) Laura Tan, (2) Andrew Goldman, (3) Hope Ovie Usieta. The event was followed by a formal hall dinner attended by the President, Vice-Chancellor, organising committee, and presenters. See below for a selection of photos from the event. you can download the programme here.

2011 Programme and abstract book