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Every donation makes a difference, not only to the buildings and facilities of Wolfson College, but also to the lives of Wolfson students from around the world. Here are just a few of the people who donors to Wolfson have helped.

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Antonina Kouli, PhD, Neuroscience - ALBORADA Trust grant recipient

“I joined Wolfson College in October 2015 to begin my PhD in Clinical Neurosciences. My work is focused on better understanding the underlying cause of Parkinson's disease, aiming to get one step closer to a cure. However, my educational pursuits would not have been possible without the generous support of the ALBORADA Trust. Thanks to their continued generosity I can devote myself to my goals and focus on my studies relieved from financial burdens and for that, I am truly grateful.”

Antonina gave a talk at the 50th Anniversary End-of-Campaign Event on 'Flaming Brains and Parkinson's Disease'. Her research shows that by proving the link between brain inflammation and dementia in some Parkinson's patients, anti-inflammatory drugs could be developed to halt or slow its progression. 

Aicha Massrali, PhD, Psychiatry - Recipient of a Wolfson Blue Award, Cambridge Trust Award and Autism Research Trust Award

“Autism is an enigma. The key to unravel it lies in a reliable patient-derived model. I transform skin cells from autism patients into brains in order to model the condition and explore its mysteries. I am grateful to everyone for supporting me to do what I love.” 

Aicha explained her research to a fascinated audience at the 50th Anniversary End-of-Campaign event, showing how a hair sample could be reprogrammed to become a brain cell and so help in the study of autism spectrum conditions.

Sarah Upjohn, Part-time Doctorate of Education - Santander Cambridge Scholarship 

I applied for a Bursary when there was a change of circumstances at my workplace and my employer reduced, and then withdrew funding towards my EdDoc.

As a part time Doctoral student, with a busy job 4 days/week, and single parent of two teenagers, the Bursary has enabled me to continue my studies, without having to increase my working hours: if I had needed to increase my work, in order to raise funds to pay for the College and Course fees myself, I would no longer have had the time required to continue studying at Doctoral level. I would not have been able to continue without the financial support provided by the bursary.

Additionally, the real and tangible support from Wolfson College gave me real encouragement: when you are in the midst of a lengthy project, it is easy to lose sight of why you are doing it. The grant from Santander made me realise that other people also considered my work to be of value. This has been a real boost.

Gunther Klobe, PhD, Neuroscience - ALBORADA Trust and the Cambridge Trust grant recipient

“After one year of studying at Wolfson College I am still amazed by the way this institution enables and encourages the exchange of ideas between its members who come from across all academic disciplines and all parts of the world. I want to thank the Cambridge Trust and the ALBORADA Trust for making this life-changing experience possible for me.”

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