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General Admission cohort leaving College 2012

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Thursday 26 April, 6-7pm.  Gatsby Room
Successful Publishing in the Sciences and Social Sciences

Workshop run by Philip Meyler, Publishing Development Director, Science, Technology and Medicine, Cambridge University Press, and Senior Member Wolfson College.

Phil Meyler will lead a seminar that will cover:
•    Some background to the academic publishing landscape, including Open Access
•    Tips for choosing a journal and submitting a journal article (including handling the peer review process)
•    Tips for improving the visibility and discoverability of your work
•    A brief outline of the mechanics of submitting a book proposal (again including peer review)
•    A brief word on future directions

Thursday 3 May, 6-7pm.  Gatsby Room
Making it count: understanding metrics

Workshop run by Laura Jeffrey, Information Skills Librarian, Wolfson College

This hands-on workshop will look at bibliometrics and altmetrics to help you evaluate their usefulness for your discipline. It will explain terms such as JIFs; Eigenfactor; SCIMago rankings; and i-10, g- and h-indexes, which are used as ways of measuring the impact of journals, articles and researchers. It will also introduce alternative methods of assessment, which utilise statistics from social media, news outlets and reference managers. Using a variety of tools, this session will help you use citations to find relevant literature and track the work of others, as well as inform decisions about where to publish and enable you to assess the impact of your own research.

Thursday 10 May, 6-7pm.  Gatsby Room
Academic publishing in the humanities

Workshop run by Linda Bree, formerly Cambridge University Press

Linda Bree, who was until earlier this year Senior Executive Publisher and Head of Humanities at Cambridge University Press, will discuss a range of topics concerned with academic publishing in the humanities. She will give an overview of book publishing options and will offer insights into what publishers are looking for in book publishing projects and proposals, including for first books derived from doctoral dissertations.

Thursday 17 May, 6-7pm.  Gatsby Room
The First Year Report (STEM perspective)

Workshop run by Dr Giles Yeo, Tutor Wolfson College and Director of Genomics & Transcriptomics, CU Institute of Metabolic Science 

This session will demystify the first year report.  What is expected from the report?  How is the viva conducted?  What kind of questions might you encounter?  A view from the sciences perspective will be given and there will be plenty of opportunity for questions.

Thursday 31 May, 6-7pm.  Gatsby Room
Data visualisation using R and ggplot2

Workshop run by Dr Sergio Martinez Cuesta, Wolfson CRA

This course provides a short beginners introduction to the R programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Sergio will demonstrate basic examples on how to plot data in R using the standard graphics libraries and ggplot2. Everybody is welcome; if you would like to follow along with your laptop, please bring R and RStudio downloaded and installed before the session. It would also be helpful for attendees to familiarise themselves with the materials on Sergio’s Github site

Thursday 7 June, 6-7pm.  Gatsby Room
What careers are available outside research?

Workshop run by Dr Anne Ford, Cambridge University Careers Service

If you are a current PhD student, or an MPhil thinking of doing a PhD, it's worth thinking of your longer term career options. A PhD is required for an academic career but is it valued outside academia? What do students who decided post-PhD that they want to leave research do? Join Anne Forde from Cambridge University Careers Service for an interactive and thought provoking session on careers outside research.

Thursday 14 June, 5:30-7pm.  Seminar Room, Jack King Building
Job Interview Skills

Workshop run by Dr Ana Toribio, Fellow, CRA and Tutor Wolfson College

Even the most qualified job seekers need to prepare for job interviews. The job interview skills workshop is a space to examine the process of effective job interviewing as it relates to you, the candidate. It is a fully interactive learning experience with time to listen, question, reflect and uncover positive experiences from your varied backgrounds. The workshop will empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make the most of your next interview. You will also have the opportunity to practice some interview skills with your peers. Whether you're an experienced or novice job seeker, all participants at any career stage will benefit from knowing these techniques. Highly recommended for those about to start job hunting!

100% of previous attendees would recommend it to a friend! Here are some participants’ comments from previous workshops:

  • "practical tips and emphasis on preparation", "great examples, really informative"
  • "overall very interesting", "very useful for people not from Europe to attend this workshop"
  • "difficult to specify what I learnt from today. I learnt a lot which was my expectation!"
  • "the best workshop of this term!"