Wolfson Fine Arts - Current Exhibitions

At Your Service

Mark Corfield-Moore

2 October to 16 December 2018

Open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays
3pm to 5pm in the Combination Room

Wolfson College, Barton Road,
Cambridge CB3 9BB

Admission free

We are delighted to present works by Mark Corfield-Moore, the first winner of The Wolfson College Cambridge – Royal Academy Schools Graduate Prize. The prize is awarded annually to an outstanding graduate of the RA Schools and is designed to provide emerging artists with a significant exhibition at a crucial point in their careers. Their work, in turn, plays a critical role in fostering meaningful connections between the arts and other disciplines both within the University and beyond.

Mark Corfield-Moore’s exhibition, ‘At Your Service’, will be on view until 16 December 2018. His multi-media works respond directly to the environment of the College, particularly the challenge of exhibiting in a space that is very different, both visually and conceptually, from a contemporary art gallery. All of the works in this show engage with the multipurpose nature of the Combination Room, at once a site for display and a functional space. For Corfield-Moore, the champagne glasses, ashtray, and napkins that feature in these works allude to the experience of service and being served. The meditated complexity of the works captures elements of performance and display that define, for the artist, events such as the typically ‘Oxbridge’ Formal Hall.

Studied Carelessness, 2018
Dye, handwoven cotton
Framed dimensions 222.5 x 162.5 x 5.5cm

Dance of Light: Living Matter and Rhythm

Rhea Quien

22 September to 18 November 2018

Open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays
3pm to 5pm in the Dining Hall

Wolfson College, Barton Road,
Cambridge CB3 9BB

Admission free

Stimulated by her immersion in nature, the artist has conjured up the underlying motion of organic growth. In this series, originally called ‘Living Matter in Rhythm’ and painted in 1999 and 2001, Rhea Quien captures energy and light to bring forth subtle shapes. Out of the saturated colour of the background emerge suggestions of translucent insect wings, muscle or bone, flames, wispy clouds or flowing water, while others draw one to imagine apparitions from outer space.

With a particular gift – synaesthesia, which she seems to have inherited from her mother Clara Quien, also a synaesthetic artist – Rhea responds to nature by ‘seeing’ light and shapes which she attempts to capture in her paintings.  She says that the process of painting ‘Living Matter in Rhythm’, although challenging at the beginning, was instructive and exciting. “Slowly I learned to trust the process in a spontaneous, yet sensitive way. Turning the so-called ‘finished’ painting upside down and contemplating it, revealed a great deal that might be improved.”  

Special event hosted by Wolfson Fine Arts and Wolfson Humanities Society:

Synaesthesia & Art - Dance of Light

Tuesday 16 October from 5.15 to 7.15pm

As part of Cambridge University’s Festival of Ideas Wolfson College is hosting an event which explores the themes of ‘Dance of Light – Living Matter and Rhythm’

View the exhibition in the Dining Hall from 5.15pm and then come to the Lee Hall at 6pm to hear Professor Jamie Ward and artist Rhea Quien talk about the subject.

The event is free to attend but places must be booked through the Festival of Ideas box office. Please visit the event page on the Festival of Ideas website for full details of the event and a link to the box office.

Read more about Rhea Quien and her work on her websites: rq-art.com and rq-lightart.com.

Wolfson Fine Arts organises a series of temporary exhibitions in College, which are open to the general public when the rooms are not otherwise in use by the College. Please call 01223 335900 in advance of your visit to avoid disappointment.

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