Funding your Study

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This section gives an overview of the various source of finance available to UK/EU students from the Government, the University and Wolfson College.

Help with Tuition Fees for Home and EU Students 2017-18

All eligible full-time students (new and existing) can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan to cover the cost of their University fee up to £9,250. This loan will not be means-tested and will be paid by the Student Loans Company direct to the College. Students on courses which started after 1 September 2012 will begin repaying loans once they have left their course and are earning over £21,000 per annum. The amount a student will pay back each month depends on earnings and repayments will be 9% of income above £21,000 and if income falls below £21,000 repayments will be suspended. All outstanding repayments will be written off after 30 years.

Help with Living Costs for Home* Students

* EU students who have been resident in the UK for 3 years may be eligible for help with living costs. For more information contact the Student Finance Services European Team

Maintenance Loans for living costs

Maintenance Loans are available to full-time students who satisfy the residence conditions and who are studying on an eligible course.Currently this loan is not available to part-time students.Students over 60 on the first day of the academic year can apply for a reduced rate of maintenance loan.

Some of the loan is means-tested and is dependent on household income (usually your parents if you are under 25,or your partner if applicable). The maximum amount available for a 2017/18 cohort student (who is not entitled to social security benefits) is £8,430.

The Maintenance Loan is paid in three installments into your bank account at the start of every term.It becomes repayable in the April after you graduate and has the same repayment terms and conditions as the tuition fee loan (see above)

Overseas students

If you are offered a place we will send you an application form for the Cambridge Trusts. You should note that these awards cannot fund your studies entirely, and you will be required to make up the shortfall from other sources.

Support for Medical Students

Standard 6-Year Medical Course (UK, and EU* students)
A new student who starts a standard medical course in October 2017 would be treated for the first four years as any other new student. These students will be charged the University fee of £9,250 (2017-18 rate) and will be eligible for the same package of support as other students, including a fee loan and a maintenance loan.

In the final two years of the medical course you become eligible for a means-tested NHS Bursary, and the NHS also meets the cost of fees on a non-means tested basis. You will cease to be eligible for all other forms of government support, with the exception of a reduced rate non means-tested maintenance loan. The NHS Grant is only available to English and Welsh students, but the NHS will meet the cost of fees in the final two years for English, Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Irish students.

*EU students commencing their studies in 2017 should note that NHS tuition fee support arrangements have not yet been confirmed by the UK government.

Graduate Medical Course (4 Years)
Download this information sheet (.doc) on Student Support for Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine (2018 Entry)

Other Government Help for Home Students

Disabled Students’ Allowances (D.S.A's)
The amount of Disabled Students’ Allowances (D.S.A's) you can get depends on your individual needs - not your household income. D.S.A's are paid on top of your student finance and you don’t have to pay them back. You can get help with the costs of:

  • specialist equipment, like computer software
  • non-medical helpers, like a note-taker or reader
  • extra travel costs you have to pay because of your disability
  • other costs, like photocopying

D.S.A's do not cover disability-related costs you would have if you were not attending a course, or costs that any student might have.
The figures below are the maximum you can get as a full-time Undergraduate – most students get less than this:    
Specialist equipment allowance: Up to £5,358 for the whole course (up to £5,358 for the course for Part-time students).
Non-medical helper allowance: Up to £21,305 a year (£15,978 per year for Part-time students).
General allowance: Up to £1,790 a year (£1,342 per year for Part-time students).

Parents’ Learning Allowance
The Parents’ Learning Allowance is non-repayable and worth up to £1,617 a year, depending on household income. It is intended to help with course-related costs for students with dependent children.

Adult Dependents' Grant
If you have a husband, wife or partner, or another adult family member who depends on you financially, you may be eligible for an Adult Dependants' Grant of up to £2,834 a year (non-repayable). The amount depends on household income.

Childcare Grant
This grant is for full-time students with dependent children in registered or approved childcare. The amount payable depends on household income and actual childcare costs. The maximum available is 85% of weekly childcare costs up to a maximum of £159.59 a week for one child, or £273.60 a week for two or more children. This grant is non-repayable.