College Policies and Procedures

The College has developed a number of policies intended to set out clear procedures for dealing with difficult issues such as bullying, making a formal complaint, or the abuse of drugs or alcohol; you can access these through the links below. It is, happily, rare that these procedures need to be invoked. Please do remember that there are several people In College who can talk through difficult issues with you, such as your Tutor, the College Nurse, or the Head Porter as appropriate. There are also sources of support external to College such as CUSU or the GU.  

College policies and procedures on:

Comments, Suggestions and Complaints
Bullying and Harassment
Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Student Confidentiality

Students experiencing difficulties with their studies should talk to their Director of Studies (DoS) or Graduate Supervisor  as soon as possible;  occasionally it is teaching staff, Tutors or fellow students who are the first to raise the issue of potential problems with a student’s course of study, and the following policies are intended to set out clear procedures for this kind of situation.  The ‘Fitness to Study’ procedure, which has been adopted across the Colleges, addresses the situation where difficulties in study (or more broadly in a student’s life in College) have been caused by problems with physical or mental health;  the primary aim of both policies is to offer a clearly set out and supportive process for enabling students to get back on track, and ultimately succeed in their studies.

Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
Fitness to Study

If you would like to submit a complaint to the College, please fill out this form.

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