Wolfson Chaplaincy Team

Wolfson has a team of ecumenical chaplains, who are on hand to provide a listening ear and support to College members on request.

The Revd Dr Geoffrey Cook (Roman Catholic Chaplain)

The Revd Dr Geoffrey Cook is honorary Roman Catholic chaplain to Wolfson. Life Fellow and former Vice-Master of St Edmund's College, he was ordained deacon in 1978 for service of the newly erected Catholic Diocese of East Anglia. He chairs the Diocesan Commission for Dialogue & Unity and is Chairman of Shared Churches (Ely) Limited, the ecumenical body responsible for building and ownership of Church centres in the new townships in the County. He is delighted to join with the Anglican and Free Church Chaplains in organizing the termly service of Christian worship and to meet members of the College at the reception after the service.

Tel: 01223 351650

The Revd Oliver Fischer (Free Church Chaplain)

The Revd Oliver Fischer is honorary Lutheran chaplain to Wolfson. He very much looks forward to meeting members of the College and is happy to be there for anyone who feels the need for someone to listen.

Oliver lives and works at the German Lutheran Church House at 4 Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge CB2 8BW, as the Pastor of the German Speaking Lutheran Church in Cambridge and East Anglia.

Services in German take place there every other Sunday at 10.30am. For dates and other activities like concerts, theological evenings or the famous German Advent Market please see: www.german-church.org/cambridge

Members of Wolfson College are very warmly invited to come!

Email: cambridge@german-church.org
Tel: 01223 356 167

Rabbi Yisrael Malkiel and Mrs Elisheva Malkiel (University Jewish Chaplains)

All Jewish students should feel free to contact Yisroel and/or Elisheva.

email for Yisrael: yisrael @ mychaplaincy.co.uk or ym307@hermes.cam.ac.uk  Mobile: 07916 139974
email for Elisheva: elisheva @ mychaplaincy.co.uk  Mobile:07783 367703

Termly worship

The Anglican, Roman Catholic and Free Church Chaplains (currently Geoffrey and Oliver ) organise a Christian service of worship in College once a term (at which the Choir sings), and an Advent carol service at St Mark's Church.

For further details, see the Music Society Term Card.